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Divination card exchange script

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If you are like me and you bot zones or maps where there are good divination cards and also run multiple bots/only check on it every couple of days you know how painful it is to exchange inventories of divination cards(more so if you are on VM or a remote pc), so I've made a little script that exchanges all divination card in your inventory. 

Runs on AutoHotkey

This is just got finished and:

  • the code is a mess
  • it's not nice
  • you need to use the "change all" function in notepad++ if you want to tinker the sleep times or whatever
  • it has no break hotkey so will go thru your whole inventory before finishing
  • if you have a full inv and the item exchanged takes up more than the space freed from the card (1 slot)  it will break
  • most people probably won't have use for it, it literally only worth it if you have full invs of cards


  • Press F5 to resize your poe window to the top left corner
  • Go to Tasuni, chose exchange divination cards
  • Press F6
  • Wait


Attached to the post and 

Pastebin link  if you want to "compile" it yourself, paste it into a txt and rename it to whatever.ahk


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