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I've seen a lot of people having problems with configuring the bot and getting it to work. This is why I started making this program.

It will ask you a few questions, and come up with a skill config file you can copy to your bot.

I also added an option to pick what maps and mods it will not run, and it will upgrade those (selling 3 of the same map you don't want to run, or 3 rares with a mod you don't want to run even if you would run the map normally, magic maps will be rerolled so not upgrading those). Here you can pick if you want to alch/transmute/augment the maps as well.

Things to keep in mind:
- This will not result in the best setup. Tweaking the bot to perfection takes time. This is just to get people that have issues setting their skills getting started.
- I can only come up with so many builds and test them. Expect certain builds to not work. However, put a request in this forum or contact me on discord, and I'll see if I can update it.

This comes with no guarantee it will work for you, and I take no responsibility if something goes wrong. Use at your own risk. However, I will try to fix any issue reported to make this as easy and all round as possible for everyone.


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My bot starts to sell 3 of the same tier maps after your program. 


// Map Tier setting
[MapTier] >= "1" && [MapTier] <= "4" # [RunMap] == "true"  // Bot sells 3 of the same tier 1,2 maps

//                                                                                 //
//                           MAP BASES TO IGNORE                                   //
//                                                                                 //



// Tier 1
 [Type] == "Arcade Map" # [IgnoreMap] == "true"
 [Type] == "Crystal Ore Map" # [IgnoreMap] == "true"
 [Type] == "Desert Map" # [IgnoreMap] == "true"
 [Type] == "Jungle Valley Map" # [IgnoreMap] == "true"

// Tier 2
 [Type] == "Beach Map" # [IgnoreMap] == "true"
 [Type] == "Factory Map" # [IgnoreMap] == "true"
 [Type] == "Ghetto Map" # [IgnoreMap] == "true"
 [Type] == "Oasis Map" # [IgnoreMap] == "true"


Check "Enable map upgrading" in Exiled-Bot UI


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