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Selling Harbringer League Currency, Private Seller - competitive prices, clean currency, no reselling or botting involved.

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Hello everyone, I've started selling POE Currency again for the Harbringer league. I've been selling POE goods, for a few years and have also sold things in games such as Diablo2 and WoW.

I used to be part of the support staff here, however I've given that up due to time restrictions. I have many return customers and all satisfied from all POE challenge leagues. I am a private seller, not a website or affiliated with any company in any way.


First of all unlike most people selling currency, THIS CURRENCY IS NOT RESOLD AND IT IS NOT BOTTED! ALL currency I make is obtained via flipping only - which is why I don't sell from the start of the league, I value my customer's safety first. I can't stress this enough, GGG has been banning resellers/botters and people trading with them left and right for at least 6 months now harder than ever before. If you wish to know how the currency is obtained before you buy it, feel free to ask.


My prices will be around the chepeast public currency stores out there, however I don't trade a lot of currency every day from one account like gold seller websites and also I NEVER RESELL. So this is the safest currency you can buy and DELIVERY IS BASICALLY INSTANT However I don't try to compete in price with the chinese resellers/hackers who are looking to dump their currency instantly. This is safe clean currency, and I put quite a lot of work in obtaining it, and a small premium is in my opinion the way to go, if you value the safety of your account and the MTX you have on it.


I take Paypal and Skrill as payment and I have high rep on other big trading websites for years, that I can show you. If you want to use paypal directly, you NEED TO BE VERIFIED, and have good reputation/join date on well established trading sites otherwise your paypal payment will be made through a third party and will cost 10% more than the skrill price.

I will not go first, unless you are a GM trader for many years with impeccable reputation that far exceeds mine.


My customers are 100% satisfied, I have never had any issues with anyone, except the occasional scamming attempt that won't work , so don't bother, I've been doing this for a long time.


My skype is roneo1234, I'm on EU timezone.


For those who become return customers and trade with me frequently, I will give you free extra orbs for return deals and bulk discounts.

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