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[Guide] Optimize your windows OS for botting.

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This will help inside and outside of your VM by reducing resources used by the OS itself. 

Part 1: This should help a lot on its own. Works for windows vista and newer.
Open start -> control panel. 
Enter "Performance" in the search bar.
Click "Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows"
Click "Adjust for best performance" This should uncheck all visual crap.
Click apply/ok.

Part 2: (Modifies system services proceed with caution) works for  win xp and newer 
Create a system restore point.
Follow black vipers "Tweaked" settings for your OS. 
You can run some barebones settings using trial and error but using them all will likely disable required services. 
Important! There are some services that will screw your windows like disabling login services. This will require restoring to the restore point or safemode to fix. 
If you follow tweaked you should be fine but create a restore point anyway just in case you make a mistake.



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