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Will Exiled-Bot work correctly with Vaal Spark?

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Hey guys,


i have some questions, will this bot work well with vaal spark build? Will it use vinktar flask correctly etc?



Thanks for helping me out!

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Hi. Sure it's possible to set up using any kind of skills and flasks via combat settings. But this doesn't mean that your build will work the same way you imagine.

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Hi, im using Vaal spark for my build. Currently running t3-8 maps just fine.


It uses the flasks just fine IF you have the flask set up as a skill. IE have vinktars flask as highest priority use on magic monsters and above, 5 second CD, pair it with a diamond flask of grounding to get rid of the shock, so that will have to priority either 1 higher than the vinktar, or 1 lower. You want to make sure it uses it RIGHT after vinktars to get rid of the shock defect from it.


Have normal spark your lowest priority targeting all monsters. 


Have vaal spark 2nd lowest priority ( you want your flasks to be used BEFORE vaal spark, that way the flask buffs will affect vaal spark ) depending on the amount of sac harvests and chill of corruption you have you can change the cool down of vaal spark. I currently have mine set to use it every 10 seconds. Although i think im going to lower it a bit more. (i have 2 27+ sac harvest and chill of corruption )


Have quicksilver flask used during combat that way you can run faster and further when you vaal spark letting you clear more monsters. 


You should be using shield charge as your movement skill, helps with faster clear, more move speed, and thus more monster clearing. The idea is to vaal spark, and get from 1 pack to the other so by the time vaal spark ends you have enough souls to cast it again.


You're going to want to set the range of spark to be pretty close to the monsters... Almost melee range. If you don't do this objects and ledges stop the sparks from hitting the monsters but the bot thinks it is hitting the monsters just not doing any dmg so you end up basically getting stuck trying to kill a monster you can't hit cause of a ledge or an object on the ground. The way i overcame this was just to have the range be much closer to the monster. This makes it unlikely that an object would be between myself and the monster. If you find a better way around this let me know :)


For maps you really only want to do large open area maps. Sewers, pits, arena, ramparts, tower, cells, those kinds of maps really suck for spark don't do them. The larger the open area the better and faster the bot will perform. Look for oasis, desert, beach, strand, race course, muddies, bog, those are the best and most efficient maps to use.


Those were the things off the top of my head that would be nice for you to know starting off. If you have specific questions about it just write back on this, ill keep an eye on this forum. 


Thanks GL

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