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AHK request(ITEM ReroolMod)

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this site wont help you without payment, go to ahk forum bro, you might learn a thing or two there.


Somehow ironical that such comment comes from a person with just a single forum posting...



I don't think this has been done by any user yet (at least nothing public). But since reading the entire current affix list is very easy to do (CTRL + C while hovering the item and you get all item mods in the clipboard variable), rerolling an item to some specific affixes shouldn't be too hard to accomplish.


This little snippet should point you into the right direction:

	iteminfo := CreateIteminfoFromClipboard(ItemToClipboard())
	Loop, % iteminfo.MaxIndex()
		Msgbox, % iteminfo[A_Index]

	IfWinActive Path of Exile ahk_class POEWindowClass
		SendMode Input
		clipboard := ""
		Send ^c
		ClipWait, 0.05
			return 0
			return clipboard
	If (Clipboardcontent != "") {
		_ItemInfo := []
		Loop, Parse, Clipboardcontent, `n, `r
		return _ItemInfo

Simply hover over an item and press F1. This results in looping through all lines from the gathered item info (and in my example output each line through a msgbox.

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