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0.51e Bug on map exclusion "reflect elemental" confused with "Monster fire an additional 2 projectiles "

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hello guys,

I have been running this bot since ages and I am experimenting some difficulties with the map selection.

I run a custom script with the following settings (I won't post my script as there is nothing special from the current efault one):
-upgrade to rare if normal.
-Run only map betzeen 70 and 74 included
-Exclude reflect elemental damage
-Exclude some stupid maps with stupid bosses.

After some 10 hours of Botting or so, I checked my stash and realised someting. I had 15 remaining maps which were excluded by the bot.
-None of them had the mod "reflect elemental damage"
-All of the maps had 1 mod in common: "Monsters fire 2 additional projetiles"

I arrive at the following conclusion:
The bot is confusion either "map_monsters_reflect_%_elemental_damage" with "Monsters fire 2 additional projetiles".

Hope it will help you guys fix the problem.



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