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Let the bot runs high tier maps first

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@alkpone  Is it possible to make the bot run in high tier map first?

The bot is keep running in act instead of maps even after correcting the Configuration - map.ipd to run  equals or greater than  tier 7 and tier 16.

If you can make the bot run higher tier map first among available maps  in the stash, it might solve the problem (?).  I am hoping you can do something about it.

One thing I noticed is that if there are very low tier maps such as  tier 1 - 4, it seems like running maps.

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No, I have many different type of maps so those maps that the bot can't run are removed. Also when there are lower tier maps present in the map stash the bot runs high tier maps as well in between. But most of time bot choose white maps and if those are not present in the map stash it goes to act like blood aquaduct. What you are saying is not true because  maps in the stash are not all the maps the bot can't run.

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