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Exsanguinate CV Champion

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turns out the setup of Exsanguinate Champ is straight forward and easy.

I am using this build: https://pastebin.com/mRkvUYGH (you need Path of Building to view this)

It is very tanky and the map clear with chain is good. This build has no problems with the league mechanic.

But the movement speed is not very high, have to see how I can optimize that.


All I did was exanguinate with default settings on right click.

Corrupting Fever with 8000ms cooldown prio 20 on W.

And the Auras on Strg Q/W/E/R with the default Aura settings of EB.


Feel free to ask me questions about the setup.



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Regarding items.

Cold Iron Point is very expensive. You can just use a 1-hand with spell damage and cast speed. +1 level of spell skill gems if you feel fancy.

Vulnerability on hit is good on the ring. But also expensive if its a good roll. Best way to scale dmg is with "physical damage over time multi" on items and jewels.

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So what I did for now to make the speed a little better is to use 2 quicksilvers with increased effect enkindling orbs on them.

If anyone has more suggestions let me know.

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