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The player then goes to the chest and utilizes his tokens, now here is the exciting yet innovative part: Every time that the chest is opened one token is removed and a random item that was lost is given to the player. The reward could be 3gp, 2mil gp, a dragon armour place OSRS Fire Cape, bronze med helm, party hat, christmas cracker, ANYTHING AT ALL!

This program allows the player to have a profitable pk experiance, exciting new benefits, no potential approach to real world trade and also makes certain that noone attempts to junk the chest with bad things as they won't be rewarded and have no incentive to do so. This also enables gamers to get about what they would of got in the conquered players while still maintaining a fair system where everyone has an even chance of getting something good.

This might also be integrated into lootshare, providing a bonus for clans to utilize the characteristic that's so overlooked. All that should be done is to check who has not yet obtained a token and give them one then move to another person and so on until everyone has gotten you then simply to go back and do it again. Not simply the pures!

You need to make this as genuine as the older volcano before for pkers to like it. When the person drops dead, then do tokens pop up? Yes. Do the values of kills change with the values of the Grand exchange? Yes, it's only fair. If I murdered somebody with a top coat on (Value about 4M) and they protected it, do I get 40 or 0 tokens Buy OSRS Accounts? 0, nothing goes to the torso. . This means you get 160 tokens for only 1 thing, while another player also get a good deal of tokens which means there'll be after a period of time a huge amount of ppl waiting until the torso to get a something or you'll have to make a role which the torso will even take a token if a player does not get anything.

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