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[Guide] Craft with alteration spam to profit

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If you are like me and started off by just chaos crafting, or running low tier maps, you likely have found that you are not making big bank with the exception of some occasional exalt drops. This guide will talk about crafting conqueror influence items for profit. If you are new to crafting, or don't know how basic crafting works, I highly recommend to watch some videos on youtube by streamer like Ziz, mathil, ghazzy etc. Firstly, I will assume that you know how the basic currencies functions. It is very hard to send money to your main account in a safe way, but what I've been doing --WARNING: THIS DOES NOT PREVENT YOU FROM BANNED-- is crafting items that I need on my main account, and dropped them over in a public instance. This is still highly unsafe, and you should only do it at your own risk. Any sort of botting is possible to be banned, ESPECIALLY if you transfer any items to your main at all, your main will be chain banned too. The initial reason for doing this is because I didn't find the items I needed on the market for a reasonable price. Often, crafting on your own will be more profitable. This is where you can make money. If you don't plan to use the items you craft, you can also sell them for profit!


Depending on your build, you may be able to run a magic find setup. I highly recommend to do this as it will synergize well with this strategy (or chaos recipe/alt recipe in general).


I will not go into depth about what MF is, or how to get the best MF items. There are guides out there for that if you google them. Even just having some rarity/quantity is good enough in most cases (better than nothing). For my case, I was playing lacerate gladiator and I just put on a greed's embrace, some andvarius rings, and a rarity implicit string of servitude. You can also get rarity on rares and jewels. Obviously, it's up to you how much IIR/IIQ on your character. Even to balance resists, I would just buy resist/IIR jewels, as you won't need a lot of damage for something like blood aqueduct farming. As long as your character isn't a very squishy build, or low level, should have little to no problem staying alive in blood aqueducts wearing cheap MF gear, just make sure your build has enough DAMAGE to kill everything on the map, including rare monsters, and delirium stuff...



So MF or not, we are running the blood aqueduct 100% clear, reset instance. In the long run, you really only need alterations, and for that you only need to sell items with affixes (more affixes = more alts). I've modified pickit to pick up, on top of rare items, rare items for chaos craft, but also MAGIC RINGS/BELTS/AMULETS. You can do that if you want, I just think because they don't take a lot of space, it's good to pick them. With my MF setup I have IIR = 422% / IIQ = 132% (POB link below). My theory is that maximizing rarity is better for this strategy, but I am not 100% sure that is true - try different things. With our alterations, we want to be rolling a specific mod on an influenced item, which means that it is influenced by shaper/elder, or one of the four conquerors. This depends on what mod you want, or what item you are specifically crafting. If you are crafting purely for profit, and not to make an item to put on your main, then you should go to pathofexile.com/trade and find out what mods are worth money - do some theory crafting like what builds are meta, what items are meta, ie. explosion chest, tailwind boot, elusive boot, increased str%, things like that. People will use those items for crafting double influence items which are very OP. However, instead of stopping at just alteration spamming, I recommend to go big or go home. What do I mean? We are talking about Awakener Orb. If you don't know awakener orb, please go watch a video - they can explain better than I can. Some thing like You have Tailwind if you have dealt a Critical Strike Recently + #% chance to gain Elusive on Critical Strike boots is achievable through using awakener orb and you can make a big profit by crafting something like this. Let me explain further in --WHAT TO DO NEXT-- section...


I didn't target a specific profitable mod, as I have been crafting for my characters on main account. However, once I finished with playing that character, I noticed I could sell them and make a lot of money on my main. Again, idk if this may be less suspicious than just straight up transferring currency items to your main; it is still risky! 



First we need the correct influence and ilvl on the item we are rolling. To use an example, I will say I want to roll the suffix You have Tailwind if you have dealt a Critical Strike Recently. There is a website called craftofexile.com. Please use this website. The first step is, search for the item base. In this case, these mod rolls on boots. Search for boots and pick any base (they can all roll the mod, but please be aware that some base has better chance than others... more on that later). Now we need to give the item an influence. In this case, we need Hunter influence, so please add that. Next, scroll down to the hunter influence prefix/suffix lists, and look for that mod. We see that on a DEX base boot, the mod has a 0.185% chance to roll as a suffix, and a 0.110% chance to roll on this item overall. If it is a double stat base, like STR/INT, you have a lower chance (don't ask me why Idk). Please pick the right base TYPE, but the specific item does not matter! HOWEVER, the ITEM LEVEL matters. We see that our mod only rolls on ilvl75 or higher items. Please get the correct item level boot for this!!! Now that we have the proper item, all we have to do is make the item into a magic item. If it is rare, no worries, just scour orb on it. If normal item, please use transmutation orb. Next, we have a magic item so we can use alteration orbs to spam on it until we see the mod. Here are some important points: 1. awakener orb will choose 1 influence mod RANDOMLY, so please make sure the item has only 1 influence modifier (the hunter suffix we want in this case) 2. no need to stare at the mod lines on the item, first we look at the name of the item. The suffixes go behind the item name, prefixes before item name. We are looking for "of the hunt" for this mod (or Hunter's *item name* suffix for looking at prefix). If we see "of the hunt" then we have to check the modifier to see if it is the correct tailwind modifier, as there are still other hunter suffixes the item can roll. The name of modifier will be different for different influences, ie. shaper's, of the shaper, crusader's etc etc 3. If you have a non-hunter prefix, so any prefix that is not "hunter's" *item name*, we can actually use orb of augmentation for a chance to roll the suffix we want. 4. IF you somehow managed to get the suffix you want, but you also got a hunter prefix, don't worry. You can still save the item. Just buy a remove prefix add suffix beastcraft, and use on the item. Typically you won't have that problem unless you fucked up the steps or misclicked.



Now you got a magic boot with the modifier You have Tailwind if you have dealt a Critical Strike Recently. Just make sure there is not any other hunter's modifier on the item. Looking on trade site today, I see that this shoe will sell 3 Exalted orbs. From craftofexile.com we see that you may spend ~541 Alteration + 110 Augments; however I usually find the mod before I spend that many currency (gamble at your own risk). Say we spend 200 alteration and we found the mod. That is roughly a profit of 2 ex, which isn't a lot... So instead let's try to gamble even bigger and craft the Hunter/Redeemer influence boot with Tailwind if you have dealt a Critical Strike Recently + #% chance to gain Elusive on Critical Strike mods. First, let's imagine you are starting with no shoes yet. We need to figure out which item will be the sacrifice item. Sacrifice item will be destroyed, so we care about NOTHING except for having the correct mod. In this case, look at the trade site for which item base you want, and check the price of Redeemer influence vs Hunter's influence (make sure it is just ONE influence only). For this demonstration, I will use Sorcerer boots. Next, we need to make our sorcerer boots 30% quality. Use perfect fossils on it until you get 30% quality. You can also use gilded fossil for item sell more to vendor, but this is extra if you want to. We will take the cheaper of the two, in this case Redeemer (ilv86 = 3ex), to be the TARGET item. So we can buy any ilvl75 hunter influence (only hunter) boot for the sacrifice item. Next we will proceed to repeat the steps in --HOW TO ALTERATION SPAM-- and we want to roll our sorceror redeemer boot to have the prefix #% chance to gain Elusive on Critical Strike (the numerical value doesn't matter, it will be rerolled once we awakener orb it) and our hunter boot will need to have the suffix You have Tailwind if you have dealt a Critical Strike Recently. AT THIS POINT PLEASE MAKE SURE THE TWO BOOTS DO NOT HAVE ANY OTHER INFLUENCE MODIFIERS ON THEM.  Next, we right click awakener orb, left click THE SACRIFICE HUNTER BOOTS, then left click THE TARGET ITEM SORCEROR BOOTS. Now you pray to Kuduku and hope for some good rolls. Even if you don't get really nice rolls, just those two mods alone will make the boot worth money. Look up on trade to see their value and try to sell them, or use it on your main! Further meta-crafting stuff is possible, but I will not go into detail about that here. Again, there are videos or guides for that.






I just thought this is a fun way to use the currency on my bot, since gambling on my main feelsbadTM and transferring currency is very risky. You might make some mirror tier items, who knows! Give it a try and have fun. Just make sure you follow the instructions, it will feel very bad if you fuck it up in the middle and ruin your item... Be warned! And good luck.


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