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Several Bugs found fater trying the bot the 1st time

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1.) Upon checking the logs, the bot is spamming "Running state priority: 28" (I have seen a thread saying that it was fixed by removing the item filter)

2.) I tried removing the item filter but bot keeps picking up thrash item accidentally

3.) Hatred Aura keeps on being recasted (workaround is to use another Aura name for my Hatred)

4.) Bot keeps on using a TP then goes back immediately to the map and TP again in the town over and over

5.) Bot sometimes use a TP when inventory is not even 10% full


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18 hours ago, ongalex23 said:

I have not found a fix for any of the issues I've listed. 


Adding another one:

Bot keeps running around the Abyss area. 

i have all these bugs too the aura one now as well. i cant make any auras work

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