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my bot stop working again,after new updated of the game

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Bot stop working after game updated yesterday, it only click the right corner of the game.i am using the new version of the bot 081i. anyone have the same issue with me? can anyone help?

So appreciate

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I'm new here, but apparently from what I've read throughout the forums, every time there is a client update, the bot has to be updated. It stopped working for me too, so I'm just waiting for the next release and playing on my main account.  Kind of a bummer but hey, we're technically the bad guys, so what can ya do?

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you dont need a new release every time.. its just the offset that need to be fixed and noramlly done very fast and the bot is back to mormal..
update from H to I was the logout string that got broken after patch.. like it was pushing esc and not clicking on exit/logout.. only thing that was fixed..

bot worked fine other then that little part..

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Hello I am new here my first post

followed all the instructions, just set the bot to clear act 1 - the coast

all the bot does is run up

don’t cast moves

any ideas got the latest bot with all the requirements for directx and c++



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