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Wetlands Zone Through Riverways Act 6

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I am using:
Bot Version: v0.81h
Poe Version: Delirium League
Hideout on: No
Zana in HO: No
Map Enabled: Yes
Selected Zone: Act 6, Lioneye's Watch
Smart Pickit: No

The bot does not know that The Wetlands Zone is through the Riverways zone when zoning. It pulls up the waypoint and just cycles through it until it reaches max timeout.


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I'm assuming you're using progression enabled.

After act5 it no longer progresses, this is for several reasons that I wont discuss here. My suggestion would be going to dried lake, botting there till you are happy with your level.. then bot the blood aqueduct till 70ish.. then get rushed or level to maps. 

The initial leveling process should be done by hand. Btw.. getting stuck while doing the progression is common while you go do other things in life.. I've watched a GGG employee sitting at waypoint many times looking for these type of botters and unusual activity.. Something to keep in mind.



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