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bug abyssal who can help

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the problem is that when the bot is runing over it accidentally he walks in a circle around the start. I will try it and turn it off and will look into it

thank you for your answer

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EB support is using wrong terminology. 

@ OP,

Rune is correct, in your main tab selection.. you'll have a few options to tick.. One of them in the top right is "activate breaches".. Unfortunately the bot's offsets are coded a breach is also an abyss and the bot cannot distinguish the difference between a BREACH STONE and an ABYSS... So you untick to avoid the bug.



The program needs a rework there are lot of missing features and several known bugs such as it doesnt recognise "map tiers" in the pickit and sometimes it will grab items out the guild stash and sell them if they are not on the keep list of your pick it. Usually from tab1 of the guild stash in the middle right area. It also can no longer run certain maps where there are transitions.. I am using an updated ipd on july 3 and recommend you join the slack channel.. you'll get faster help than the forums unfortunately.

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