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That being said let me give you my strategy I'm using in HC leagues to make things smoother and safer. There is about an hours worth of manual play per new account. I play to the end of Act 2. On a fresh account that takes me about 1 hour with no leveling gear. Finish the hideout quest. And then I only ever bot from the hideout. No one to see of your bot starts fucking up..


After act 2, I have 1 zone I farm in until I'm ready to kill bosses in each act. Act 3 is docks, act 4 is aqueduct, 5 is chamber of innocence, 6 is riverways, 7 ashen field, 8 is imperial field, 9 is blood aqueduct, 10 is ossuary. Just set the bot to not do progression and have it farm those zones for an hour or so to level up. 


Things to note when on a fresh account and/or league start: I farmed 6 tabulas in 2 days in act 4 aqueducts. Act 8 imperial fields drops chaos and exalt div cards. Blood Aqueduct can pretty much take you to 70+ and ready to rush to maps, juicy tabula cards as well.


Second note: I play HC, I don't map with the bot. It's too dangerous. Taking that into account, I farm in story zones. Usually act 8 +. I average about 20ex a week. Not counting uniques and super rare drops. That's just pure currency and converting it.


Another thing to consider. I made a guild with my main account. After the bot account is established (couple hundred chaos) I invite it to guild. I then use the guild bank to launder the currency to different accounts. Yes they can trace it. But to what degree will they punish.. I launder the currency daily to minimize any ban waves. Working well so far. 


Things I've discovered about the build: super efficient farmer with 0 budget. Same gear though will make you shit at bossing and progressing. Buy the boss kills in trade chat if you have to. You will have plenty of currency. 


Another tip: read the pickit file. Study it long enough to figure out how to make the bot stash rare shit with stats you want. I will not post my pickit files here. But I will tell you that within 15 minutes of reading, you can make it so the bot farms his own rare gear. Don't be lazy about being lazy. Learn the pickit.

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is farming story zones really worth it  with the quantity penanility if youre overleveled ?

which zones do you recomend  currently im practicing in blood aqueducts and act 8 fields but its a huge quantity penaility if youre lvl 70+


Edit: and do you do chaos recipe  unid or id?

Edited by monoamino

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Whats this penalty ? Like 20 % ? Even 30 % lets say. Still 100% time saved so i think is worth.
Plus penalty is only for currency orbs and div cards - not rares. So u can convert your alts and chromes into shining ex :)

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oh, sure, this is profitable ofc, but deffo not as it could be farming t6 or whatever maps

as for the tabula cards, those are ofc a good method to sell dem white chests

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So i tried your method Bobert and so far It seems like very solid strategy, thanks for It bro ;)
Last run i managed to start botting after 1h16m of game play --------->picture
This could be cleaner and faster run with witch but whateva' :)
Only concern so far is that in act v after farming Chambers for an hour I am finding my toon in lame Standard league.
Don't really know what is the issue here, my blame is on overloaded network and lag spikes but I am not so sure about that.
Also i don't give damn about pickit since crafting bench and vendor recipes allows you to cover life and res easily plus farm like god and crack all boss encounters alone (with different setup ofc, cause freezing pulse is lame in that).
I'll try few more times and maybe try your suggestions guys as well (If any) but I am slowly thinking about going something crazy tanky to survive lag spikes and possible DCs
Good luck guys and stay safe !

PS. Mentioned one ;)



It survived a lot longer this Time - Ashen Fields Act 7
I improvised a bit with Orb Of Storms spell for speeding purposes while running maunaly

Orb of Storms/Ice Bait/ Elemental Proliferation/Chain Supp
Setting this at lvl 38 as Primary atack in bot gave It a lot of survivality :D

Got killed trough kite gliching in bushes while Delirium encounter fast-moving boss was on top of Him (set off btw)
I am gonna create something with shit-ton of psychical mitigation/res and life to survive few second with full of mobs lag spike, while farming.

Anyway great League-start strategy - easy Tabulas first day trough first Aqueduct but in higher levels 50+ I would stick with something much more tanky for HC ;)


Edited by Laber59
grammar ;) @update

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yeah in hc you rly have to look out if you are botting with vpn or such that goes down sometimes you will stand there for 10 sec till it lets you log off

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