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[Release] Beta version v0.80b

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Bot version 0.80b has been released

Download file attached to this post.

Bot can be banned by client side Anti-Cheat software at any moment.

Don't forget to reconfigure everything from default files, copy paste of configuration files won't work!!

Bot now is running in x64, be sure that you installed the corresponding vc redist (check readme file).

Improvements since 0.80 :

  • Bot should now always exit a boss arena before considering a map finished.
  • Added new setting (system.ini, boss_arena_exploration_distance, default 70) to reduce exploration distance while inside boss arena and avoid bot leaving map before killing the boss.
  • Fixed strongbox lock detection.
  • Added Blood and Sand stances support for Flesh and Stone aura.
  • Fixed transition to Alva Incursion.
  • Fixed bot looping on regular area creation when out of maps.


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