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eBOTchecker v.0.2a [test release]

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Hello, everyone.

I wrote a script that monitors the work of exiled-bot and POE client. Because I'm tired of using *.bat-file. If you have more than 2-3 bots, timely control becomes a big problem. Surely everyone is aware of the situation, when you checking bots in the morning, and half of them don't work (authorization error, no wisdom, no maps, client bug, bot crash, etc.).

The advantages of using the eBOTchecker:

- Monitors the current bot operation. If the bot is buggy, but not out of the game – you will know about it! Or automatically will be fix this problem.
- Can automatically restart the client when needed.
- Responds to drop valuable orbs (chaos, vaal, regal, divine, annulment, exated).
- Can send notifications to e-mail and SMS.
- Consumes the minimum amount of computer resources.
- Very easy to setup.

Current weaknesses:

- It is required to install the interpreter (ActivePerl) from the official site.
- There may be difficulties with connecting SMS gateway (for different countries).

In the near future (hopefully in the next version):

- Create a warehouse account management.
- Transfer orbs from account to account. With the farm account to the warehouse.
- Create a personal statistics office.


eBOTchecker-v.0.2a.rar (password - "checkthis")
ActivePerl- (Download ActivePerl 5.16.x)

Installation guide:
1. Install ActivePerl by default.
2. Unrar eBOTchecker archive (use password - "checkthis") in exiled-bot folder!  (pic)
3. Configurated main block "config.ini", in eBOTchecker folder.
4. Setup exiled-bot


start botting



Normal Bot works

License key

Currently eBOTchecker only available via license key. This is done in order to limit the spread.
The price of the key in the test period is - 1 USD.

Contacts to buy keys: 
Skype: artocodes
Telegram: artocodes
E-mail: [email protected]

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 I would buy mule bot which could work without any imagesearches for 100$ no doubt, but now it's just a relogger.

Good luck with your development anyway.

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DONT release mule bot in public, practically it killed Exilebuddy and made all bots detected on the market, as everyone started scaling bot farms like crazy. DONT release it, at least not for 100 usd. Make price at least 500 usd.

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