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Movement skill with channeling

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my build is using lighting warp on channeling. Problem is bot seems to be always clicking not holding down the button that I set to movement skill so:

I use left mouse for movement skill, channeling blight / lightning warp connected.

I set the bot to use shift while moving, I set the left mouse button to Is movement skill (beta), I tick the Maintain pressed key/mouse to Yes.

After i start the bot he stands in place and keeps holding shift and pressing left mouse repeatedly till he runs out of mana. Unfortunately fails to move as he would need to keep the button pressed for a moment to let the channeling start the lightning warp.

Can you please provide a solution ASAP.

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Hello i have this qestion... i asked for 2 days on the chat, no one know the answer...
Is the Armour movement skill good or bad, how much this skill helps a theatric?

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Same problem with Cyclone. Character is clicking mousebutton instead just press and move. Admin is silent all the time. It is easy to implement using С++. The bot doesn’t even get from zero distance. WTF?


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