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Setting up map alching

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I can't set it to alch maps, but if out of alchs then skip white maps (I just don't want to loose my map pool if it run out of them)


Is it even possible?

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I will try to explain what you have in default map configuration file in \Maps\default.ipd:

1. Here you set what tier of maps to run, default configuration set it to T1-10.

// Map Tier setting
[MapTier] >= "1" && [MapTier] <= "10" # [RunMap] == "true"

2. Here you have what rarity of maps to ignore (!!!). I suppose you wanna set it to "Rare only", so uncomment Normal and Magic strings.

// Map Rarity to Run (Uncommenting means Ignore)
[Rarity] == "Unique" # [IgnoreMap] == "true"
// [Rarity] == "Rare" # [IgnoreMap] == "true"
// [Rarity] == "Magic" # [IgnoreMap] == "true"
// [Rarity] == "Normal" # [IgnoreMap] == "true"

3. This section set up map quality upgrade (with Chisels). Uncomment and set tiers as you need:

// If you want to enable automatic quality upgrading
// [MapTier] >= "4" && [Quality] <= "16" && [Rarity] == "Normal" # [UpgradeQuality] == "true"

4. And the last thing - upgrading map rarity with Orb of Alchemy and Transmutes. If you wanna run only rare maps, leave UpgradeToMagic line commented:

// If you want to transmute or alch maps before running them.
// [Rarity] == "Normal" # [UpgradeToRare] == "true"
// [Rarity] == "Normal" # [UpgradeToMagic] == "true"


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