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FORCE bot to go to hideout if "hideout" is selected...

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There are many instances where on loading (e.g. if I need to manually restart due to a patch, update offsets, download a new EB version, or simply just if my PoE crashes and the game restarts), where the bot will load into town, and then run right to the stash, then go to the waypoint and select destination (this is true for non-map runs).

What I believe is happening is a system check, and this happens when nothing is in the inventory to sell.  The bot will go to /hideout if it needs to sell (and possibly even stash).  So as of now, the will (I'm assuming) check if items in inv to sell/stash, then go to stash to check chaos tab (if selected), then run back to the waypoint and select zone.  I don't want this, this is sketchy as f***.  I don't think the bot should be running in town EVER, under any conditions, if you have "/hideout" option selected.  First thing it should do when it goes to town (either from TP or Login) is "/hideout".  The bot needs to get out of the eye of the public, IMMEDIATELY.

I want the bot to first check "is hideout selected" EVERY time it enters town (TP or Login).  If it's selected, the FIRST thing the bot does is "/hideout".  Seriously.  This is important.  

I'm watching the bot right now too.  If again, it doesn't have anything to sell or stash, and the run ends, he will TP to town, and runs to the waypoint, and select a new zone to run (if someone's sitting in town and sees this happen a few times over and over, they will report it).  I don't like this.  I want him to go "/hideout" AS SOON AS he enters town.  The bot running around town is a surefire way to get banned!  The bot's movement in town is sooo suspicious.  And people are onto it now.  If there's a Dev in the town, it's likely an instant ban.  If there's a relatively experienced player in town (and by now there's a lot of them), they WILL report you.  Especially with all of the reddit posts coming out about bots, and the videos of them too.  Especially if you're running multiple, and ESPECIALLY if they have the same gearsets/unique items that are recognizable.  People notice this pretty obviously...  Please consider this change.  Thank you.

It's just stupid added risk, and seems like it could be fixed by prioritizing /hideout.

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So, to understand, you are running bot in act's? or is it that you have the "Always resurect in town" Checked??

I say it because when I start the EB, it just goes DND and writes /Hideout without doing anything else in town.



I Agree it's an added risk.

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Running acts, yeah.  not mapping.  if nothing in inventory, and chaos recipe activated, it will go straight to stash at login.   and from tp (at end of runs), it will run straight from TP to WP.  so suspicious.  Then it stands there for the same amount of time (every time) as it selects the zone.  Would prefer it does /hideout, anytime it's in town, then does what it needs to do.  Go to WP from /hideout.

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