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Found 3 results

  1. TLDR: When farming just Voll, maybe make him just find Voll and ignore other mobs, or have it focus Voll when character does find him; not his minions. Selecting Act 4 and running Voll basically just runs like Dried Lake, but looks for Voll and kills him. An option to just find Voll? Or can be as it currently is, but when it finds Voll it will focus him and not his surrounding summonings. Some of my builds can easily facetank Voll, but in instances that it decides to waver away from focusing Voll and attacks his minions instead, the character often dies because it does not have a stable target to life/ mana leech from.
  2. Hi. What I am about to say was already suggested few times before (1, 2, 3, 4), but it probably was not said clear enough. Current state of pickit programming: "know what you want to keep, sell or not even pick up the rest". This is a great priority, indeed pickit programmer more often wants something specific. But it have it's negative sides too. Look at how unique handling ended up, ugly huge pickit files with rarity=unique#sell=true, followed by hundreds of lines type=name&rarity=unique//keep this item X100500. And a note "you may miss some of new uniques, lol". While current pickit system works well for most cases, it does not in case of uniques. Everyone wants to be safe they will not miss something extremely good. And it should require no programming. What I want implemented is !important flag or something like this. So code rarity=unique //keep all uniques type=name&rarity=unique#sell=true !important //this would override the Keep rule, and still sell this item. This would allow to build lists of unwanted uniques. This would be much safer solution than what current state of things is.
  3. So far I got some off the wiki page I don't know if they are exactly the names, but I need some help to avoid mobs that are just too scary for Invasion. Ch'aska, Maker of Rain Ossecati Kamaq, Soilmaker Judgement Apparatus Bladeback Guardian Haviri, Vaal Metalsmith
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