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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I bought this bot yesterday and I've done all the configs needed. The only thing I didn't do is modifying the Direct X9 thing in the options, because it doesn't even appear in my options. When I run the bot, it only launches POE ate it stops at the logging screen, it doesn't even log my account. I hope it will work one day, Best regards
  2. when the character entered dried lake, the mouse was on the "New instance" position and causing the bot failed to cast aura. (i.e. the mouse will on wall after entering dried lake). Then I need manually move the mouse so that the bot will be able to cast aura. So I request the bot add a feature that the mouse will move to the character before casting aura, so that the mouse will not on wall/ out of screen, etc.
  3. Sometimes 9 out of 10 times I hit start bot I get the a blue overlay over my POE and the bot just does not work. This did not use to happen, but has been happening more recently. I have updated .net frame work and direct x. Anyone else have this issue?
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