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Found 4 results

  1. Mothgar

    Bot ban question

    If I play on my computer, and have a botting account running at the same time, in case I get banned. Will both accounts get banned? Or do I have to try N fix some weird shit with different IPN or internet ping/adress is called?
  2. Hello all, I found this bot after searching online and have read quite mixed reviews about it. I understand there are not a lot of supported products out there for POE and this is the largest commercial bot for POE. I was thinking about getting this to help Auto-level or grind some of my char's up for delves. I don't have a lot of time to play the game so the time I do have I like to actually sit down and enjoy it and play the game. While I am not, I would like the bot to be able to perform some simple tasks for me such as grinding, making a little money, etc. The questions I have are in regards to the safety, customization, and utilization of this bot. Question 1.) How safe is this bot? If I have invested a couple hundred dollars into MTX I would rather not have this account banned in a ban wave. I have been banned for casual non-24/7 botting in D3 before where I actually sat in front of it and watched it run. It would run non-high profile routines but eventually I was banned. I would really only bot for a couple of hours at a time. Question 2.) Are there any specific requirements for this bot to run in the environment of the client? Such as having a specific resolution set, or directX version specified? Question 3.) How is the customization in the bot? Question 4.) How is the support for the bot on or around patch days? How long does it normally take the team to push out a new patch? Question 5.) Does the bot support any map reveal feature? Question 6.) Does the bot support a "manual" mode? Meaning I can click the "start" button on the bot, and it does not actually move. I must move the character but it will still engage and attack monsters within range and pickup loot within range as well. Thanks to all in advance for any help on these questions before I buy!
  3. i don know why, my character will go back to town when inventory is only half full. its not happening for every single time, but like 80%. also sometimes it will just ignore minions around the character and work away from minion and go straight to no where...just feel its not very efficient... not sure what setting might lead to this... anyone can help?
  4. Hello, is there a way to get the stats of an item? if i post the item in chat and copy it befor posting i do get the full name and by using /itemlevel i do get the item level. is there a way how i can get the stats of an item thats in my inventory or on my cursor? how do i find the memory pointer to it? this is my first post here sorry if its the wrong subforum to ask.
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