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Found 6 results

  1. Hey all! New to the forum, haven't donated yet. I'm just looking through the forum and trying to understand the risks/steps involved before i donate and get throw myself into this thing. At this moment I'm searching through the forum looking at guides - A lot of useful information, and some members that have taken the time to compile it into great guides for people like me. I'm starting to like this community before i even download the bot Currently I'm wrapping my head around what programs/strategies I can use to avoid detection. Continuing to surf the help guides (huge help, thanks again) and figure it out though. I'm sure the next hurtle will be the skill/gear/action set-up and details of the bot itself, no doubt it will be vastly different than D2Etal but hopefully i can use what i've learned there (for editing pickit as well) to speed up the learning curve. I think that is where the similarities will end though, because of GGG's efforts to stop bots. I've never used a VM or a VPN to mask my connection/MAC before. As well as the randomization/humanization of botting routines (It was pretty care-free with D2) so these are my only real concerns. Like I said, I'm still going through guides to make sure i start this out right (masking etc) but any recommendations for VM/VPN software would be appreciated as i'm not familiar with these types of software. (would prefer to talk about these in PM) Good luck wishes are always welcome And thanks again to all the people that have put work into this project - i hope i can make sense of it all.
  2. bgaard


    Hi world, First time botter here. Looking forward to get set up Currently setting up a VM (to be on the safe side). I have experience with programming and I love PoE. So this is gonna be awesome! Anyway, see you around. Happy botting everyone.
  3. Hello all, I found this bot after searching online and have read quite mixed reviews about it. I understand there are not a lot of supported products out there for POE and this is the largest commercial bot for POE. I was thinking about getting this to help Auto-level or grind some of my char's up for delves. I don't have a lot of time to play the game so the time I do have I like to actually sit down and enjoy it and play the game. While I am not, I would like the bot to be able to perform some simple tasks for me such as grinding, making a little money, etc. The questions I have are in regards to the safety, customization, and utilization of this bot. Question 1.) How safe is this bot? If I have invested a couple hundred dollars into MTX I would rather not have this account banned in a ban wave. I have been banned for casual non-24/7 botting in D3 before where I actually sat in front of it and watched it run. It would run non-high profile routines but eventually I was banned. I would really only bot for a couple of hours at a time. Question 2.) Are there any specific requirements for this bot to run in the environment of the client? Such as having a specific resolution set, or directX version specified? Question 3.) How is the customization in the bot? Question 4.) How is the support for the bot on or around patch days? How long does it normally take the team to push out a new patch? Question 5.) Does the bot support any map reveal feature? Question 6.) Does the bot support a "manual" mode? Meaning I can click the "start" button on the bot, and it does not actually move. I must move the character but it will still engage and attack monsters within range and pickup loot within range as well. Thanks to all in advance for any help on these questions before I buy!
  4. montychoi

    Haroo Haroo

    hi im new any tips using this bot?
  5. Ashanex

    Hello, Bot Questions

    Hello, I purchased the bot a day or two at most before the patch released and now it isn't working 100% since the new patch. Will I get days reimbursed on my subscription or are these days counted towards my status? If the latter could I at least know about how long it takes to get an update because currently the bot is running the same as before the patch running 0.72j but it seems to bug out on attacking bosses and stops and starts to loot things around and will eventually leave the area.. the other concern I see is that it will start alting.. trying to find an item maybe but the cursor will just go up the screen slowly and reset and go down slowly. It seems to get stuck here and stop working completely when this happens making it impossible to AFK. Previously, I did not have any of these issues before the patch. Any insight would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. ghoulghoul7

    Hello.One Question.

    Hello Im new here,i have only one question,do i get to download the Bot after i Purchase a "Session" from the Store? I've seen a guide about using your key somewhere "top left" of this website Client Area > Purchases.But i do not see anything on the top left. Thank you.
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