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Found 2 results

  1. UPD: thanks to omega, it actually possible to ignore a person with built-in functionality. It works better than what I offer. Recently I found that it is impossible to ignore users on chat box, above. There are times when you do want to have that feature. This script will not disable sounds of their messages, neither won't it hide messages completely (you would be lost if someone in chat started replying to a message you haven't even seen). But it will replace every message of unwanted person with ***. Handy. Install this script in a browser. Use GreaseMonkey analog (I'm using Tampermonkey for Chrome). // ==UserScript== // @name EB chat mute // @namespace http://dimps.ru // @version 0.1 // @description mute messages from certain people // @author Dimps // @match https://exiled-bot.net/community/* // @grant none // ==/UserScript== // this will mute username "babyfart". If for example you want to mute me, replace it with "Dimps". window.setInterval(function(){jQuery("a[data-store=babyfart]").parent().parent().children().find(".shoutbox_text").text("***")}, 100); https://www.dropbox.com/s/eejwmaxrm8nk8b9/EB%20chat%20mute%20v0.1.user.js?dl=0 Areas to improve: -introduce array with unwanted nicknames -attach to an event instead of timer polling -intercept message to prevent sound* -add GUI** UPD: ignore is built into forum engine.
  2. ** Discontinued until further notice due to people being rude and ungrateful and not listening to my advice to make the bot work. ** (If you want my current version and you're not an impatient asshole you can PM me and ask for a DL, or offer a trade) This is the first program I've ever made so go easy. I've tested everything myself and it seems to be working but I'm sure there will be bugs. Features: - Spams messages in trade or global chat with random (configurable) delays between messages. - Spams a range of chat channels and randomizes the order each cycle. (by default it will spam Trade channels 1 through 10 in a random order) - Automatically pauses and alerts you when you receive a PM. Alert consists of a message box and/or a sound clip which are both toggle-able, you can also change the default sound if you'd like. - Config file for choosing the range of channels to spam, the min/max delay between messages, hotkeys, etc. Instructions: Download the .zip file, extract into a new folder. There will be an .exe, an AutoIt file called Imagesearch, a .dll file for ImageSearch, and an audio file for the alert. *** Make sure to run the .exe as administrator, it needs to be run as admin to work. That's the only reason it's compiled already. *** The first time you run the .exe it will create a config file and then close. Change any settings if you'd like and then run the .exe again. Join trade/global chat and send a chat message, i.e. "WTS 20 chaos for 1 ex" - then run the spammer (F7 by default) - it will continue to repeat your message. Download: 0.3 (DL removed until further notice) ** Some features are buggy but it works for the most part. Tomorrow I'll have a much more reliable version. ** Changes in 0.3: - Fixed a few bugs from the comments (hopefully) - Added new option to toggle randomizing of channel order. - Added new option called "Idle mode" which idles after each cycle of spamming and wait for PMs. (For example, default is idle for 30 seconds, so it will spam channels 1 through 10, idle for 30 seconds, then spam 1-10 again etc.) You can toggle this on or off or change the idle time in the settings. 0.2 (DL removed until further notice) Changes in 0.2: - New option called "Alert Only Mode" alerts you when you receive a PM without actually spamming the chat. Works the same way. - You can toggle it on in the config file. - Spammer now joins a random Trade channel between 57 and 958 after receiving a PM so your PM doesn't scroll off the screen when you're AFK. 0.1: (DL removed until further notice) Please list any bugs, complaints, or suggested features in the comments. * I'm going to ask a forum mod to check out the source and vouch that it doesn't delete your computer or do anything shady in the comments when they have time.
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