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Found 1 result

  1. Use the build below, I can assure you that this build works like a charm, especially with the bot! Of curse this build gains great benefits from better items but it performs very well with some mediocre gear too... The Skilltree should look similar to this: Dualist ♣ Dual Strike build The Skilltree for lvl100: Dualist ♣ Dual Strike build The Fun-Skilltree (aka Speedy Gonzales ^^): This Skilltree is for fun only concentrating on movement speed! Below you will find my skillsetup for the bot, i am using Dual Strike, Blood Rage, Flicker Strike and Leap Slam. Auras are Hatred and Haste. The new gem Vaal Haste is usefull too but i havent had this gem configured for my setup. Dont be afraid of all those skills, with the skillsetup i am provideding below, every single skill works perfectly and is usefull to improve and above all to accelerate botting! ; Skills config file here is my current skills.ini file. I am not sure if i really changed anything but you should give it a try when the original one doesnt work for you. As you can see Flicker Strike and Leap Slam are used for "movement" only. If possible these two movement skills should be linked with 20/20Faster Attacks AND 20/20Culling Strike. The reason why you should also Culling Strike with a high quality to your movement skills is that you gain +0.5% increased Attack Speed for every point in quality! This again naturally means Culling Strike with a quality of 20% provides an additional 10% Attack Speed ​​for all linked skills! (And since almost every available movement skill is not dependend on you base weapon speed but on your overall increased attack speed bonus you recieve from skillnodes and from your items & gems, this means that it is very hard to additionally increase the speed of movement skills.) That's the key which makes this setup that fast. Survivability: Survivability can be easily broken down to four important mechanisms. Life: Depending on the League you are playing at, this varies very much. For standard in my opinion, you dont need to have more then 4200 - 4500 Life to faceroll every content with some decent gear. Life Leech: Since we are using Blood Rage as main life leech source (provides 8.8% life leech at lvl 20!) we dont really need it on anything else! Wether do we you need to use the Life Leech support gem, nor the life leech skillnodes. Also the stat life leech becomes way less important on items like gloves, rings and amulets! Blocking: Blocking an attack prevents all damage and other harmful effects from the attack. Usually, only attacks and attack skills can be blocked, but there are some passive skills and unique items that allow you to block spells. Chance to block is capped at 75%. When an attack is blocked, the game first calculates if the attack would have caused a stun were it not blocked. If it would have caused a stun, the blocking animation is played, stunning you briefly. If it would not have caused a stun, then you get a "free" block with no animation. Faster Block and Stun Recovery and Increased Block Recovery modifiers reduce the length of the blocking animation. I would recommmend to get most of the dual wield blocknodes which you can reach without having to spend more then 3-5nodes to get to. But at least you should get Dervish! This single skillnode gives you an additional 10% Chance to Block while Dual Wielding and an additional 16% increased Physical Weapon Damage while Dual Wielding Resistances: The more the better! Sorry but it is that simple... I prefere resist over Life! (statwise) Sure, if you are already capped then Life is always better bur before you've reached the resistances-cap you should always prefere resists. Please keep in mind the the actuall resist cap in mercilles is NOT 75%, at least when you are going to play maps! Magic maps can roll 2 suffixes which can lower your current resistvalues by quit alot!of Exposure -x% maximum Player Resistances (15 to 25) of Elemental Weakness Players are cursed with Elemental Weakness Level 15 (up to -44%) So when playing maps (espeacially the higher ones) on a regular base then you should at least have some off-gear for reaching about 100% resist all! This's what the wiki says: ​Fire, Cold, Lightning, and Chaos damage each has its own resistance value (e.g. "Fire resistance") which is viewable in the character sheet. Resistances reduce damage taken (or increase damage if they are negative), and are capped at a maximum of 75% by default. This maximum can be modified by certain skills. There are penalties to resistances in higher difficulty levels. In Cruel difficulty, there is a -20% penalty to player resistances, and this increases to -60% in Merciless. Dealing with the Bandits: If 2 or more options are provided choose the one best fitting to your gear! Normal​Help Oak (+40 base Life) Kill all (+1 passive SkillPoint)​ Cruel​Help Oak (+18% Physical Damage) ​Merc ​Help Oak (+1 maximum Endurance Charge) Help Kraityn (+1 Max Frenzy Charge) [ in most cases this is only supperrior to Help Oak if the rest of your gear is really good ] Kill all (+1 passive SkillPoint) Main damage source: Dual Strike Like the name already implies, this is a dual wielding skill! Most other melee skills will alternate weapons or only use the main hand while making dual wielding attacks. Dual Strike and Cleave are the only current exceptions. If the player's weapons have different critical strike chance or accuracy values, it is possible to critical or miss with one weapon, but not the other. Effects that typically occur when you hit an enemy will only apply for this skill once per use! Gems which you should link to: Dual Strike The Bringer of Rain (4L): ​​IIR/IIQ gemming: Dual Strike Multistrike Melee Splash IIQ Progress gemming: Dual Strike Multistrike Melee Splash Added Fire Damage Armor/Evasion Chest (5L): ​​IIR/IIQ gemming: Dual Strike Multistrike Melee Splash IIQ IIR Progress gemming: Dual Strike Multistrike Melee Splash Melee Physical Damage Faster Attacks Armor/Evasion Chest (6L): ​IIR/IIQ gemming: Dual Strike - Multistrike - Melee Physical Damage - Melee Splash - IIQ - IIR​ Progress gemming: Dual Strike Multistrike Melee Physical Damage Melee Splash Faster Attacks Added Fire Damage You dont ultimaltly need a Soul Taker to get this build working. Sure a Soul Taker is a great weapon but still nowhere near the best in slot for this build. There is only one weapon currently floating around inGame which is almost (~98%) perfect rolled: 564 pDPS 1H (Jewelled Foil) this weapon is simply SICK! This weapon is not affordable for 99% of players, but if you want the absolute best for this build, this guy has a mirror service for it. ___________________________________________________________________ If you have any additional questions feel free to ask! For any questions use this thread only! Since i am getting up to 5 private messages about this topic every day, i wont answer any more questions via pm! Please, simply use this thread...
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