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    Use skill as flask

    Yes, but you cannot add more items. For example - I use all the flasks (not life or mana) and I also would like to use skills
  2. I don't think it would be so hard to implement. For instance I need to use vaal discipline when my ES drops below certain threshold. I used to use other scripts to do that, but it would be great if this feature would be achievable with the bot.
  3. Lestzx

    How-To Exiledbot [AIO Guide] [2021]

    Is there a way to setup a pickit for the bot not to pick up all the rares, but to pick up only specified rare items - identify them - and stash only if they meet the requirements? Thanks
  4. Does the bot work for you? I have this error with the latest version: 021-04-21 13:10:07 [info] -> DirectX: auto, Resolution: 800x600 2021-04-21 13:10:08 [info] -> Area switched from none to error 2021-04-21 13:10:08 [info] -> Running state priority: 1 2021-04-21 13:10:08 [info] -> Idling... I tried to config everything from scratch and it's still the same
  5. It seems like the bot doesn't read the frenzy charges amount properly. I set the skill to be used only while the character has at least one frenzy charge - and yet it doesn't use it at all. It uses different skill which I set to only use when he has upto 1 charge.
  6. I used to farm maps from HO, didn't use DND, use chicken, farmed Aqueducts and Dried Lake like crazy before maps previously and it worked, but recently I think they changed something(?) to catch bots more efficiently. Like I said - it's just my recent thoughts. I migh as well, of course, be just lucky.
  7. I've got a few of my accounts banned recently. I started to test a few things and one of my accounts managed to avoid ban. For now at least - even with a long runtime (basically a whole day non stop + a few nights). Keep in mind that those are NOT things that won't get you baned 100%. I'm just sharing a few things I observed. - Don't use chicken. Often logouts might cause red flags. But also try to avoid getting killed too much - so don't farm too hight level areas. - Don't use a hideout for mapping - as soon as I leved up Zana and use her teleport - I got ban on all of my accounts. - Always enable DND. - Don't farm Dried lake or Aqueducts - bot gets stuck running between tp or entering zone and a stash. Other players report suspicious behaviour quite a lot now! - Often check your bot if you use progression - it gets stuck quite a lot. Of course the rest commonly known rules still apply. You can find a guide on this forum. I use a 0.70f version of EB.
  8. Lestzx

    Exiled Bot Beta v0.63e Bug

    RC version doesn't have this problem.
  9. Lestzx

    Exiled Bot Beta v0.63e Bug

    I don't think it's the bot's fault since for many - it's working. It has probably something to do with VM software or system installed on it (stripped version of windows).
  10. Lestzx

    Exiled Bot Beta v0.63e Bug

    Did you solve this problem? I also struggle with this issue.
  11. Lestzx

    Bot won't use or upgrade maps

    Hi. I have a problem with my bot. When I manually steer it to the chest and maps tab, it will run a map, but only one time. After completing it, it will run a normal area. Also it won't upgrade any maps. I have multiple low level maps, but bot just doesn't see it. I've tried to make transition between tabs slower (5000ms), but it also doesn't work. I've downloaded "maprunner" ipd file and tried it, but the problem still remains. NVM I found the solution. I used as "stash tabs" tabs 1 and 2, maps on 3 and currency on 4. But you have to choose all tabs in the first option.
  12. There is an option to always recast Righteus Fire. I guess the bot is searching for image of this spell on top of the screen. I think it should be quite easy to make something like this with Blood Rage. Right now i'm using a cooldown with this skill, but sometimes it's just a waste of precious 0,5s ; ] , My char died a few times when cast this spell before large group of mobs (strongboxes i.e.) Also, I was wandering if there could be an option to do masters missions. These simple one's like Vagan's or Elreon's. Tora's mission with killing corrupted mobs also should be quite easy - all the bot would do is to just talk with master and accept mission (sometimes talk is enough). Basically - accepting mission from master and just leave bot to work should be enough to complete some missions. Like with Vorici's mission to assasinate target. --- sorry for my english
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