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  1. I only see 2 options for 2 different zones. Can you add more zones covered? Such as 3,4,5 extra zones?
  2. bobbyjayblack

    little issues ( running back and forth, stuck at jars )

    Could the pathing algorithm be made public so we can improve it? Or try the A* algorithm? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A*_search_algorithm
  3. bobbyjayblack

    blood rage

    I have my blood rage working quite well, here are my settings: Blood Rage on W Key: W Priority: 4 (below auras' priority, above attacks priority) Cooldown: 18000 (you can change from 10000ms to 25000ms depending on what level Blood Rage you use as well as if you have the support gem: Increased Duration) Max Distance: 1000 Min Distance: 400 Target selection: both Press shift while using this skill: Unchecked Is aura: Unchecked Monster amount: 1 Monster range: 1000
  4. bobbyjayblack

    Auto PoE

    Sometimes I get disconnected from the internet and PoE stays in-game, just never is able to goto the login screen due to being disconnected. Does this program handle when this occurs? Aka, I sit in an area, the bot constantly tried to exit to login screen but is unable to due to being disconnected from the PoE server, but still being ingame Also, I talked to alkpone and have his skype, we talk about API stuff. I tried to message you on the forums, but it saids you can't receive messages. Anyways, can you give me your skype? I'd like to bounce some GUII ideas off of you that you/community may really like.
  5. This can be done in AHK along with memory reading, but it would be nice if there were a "Plugin" folder in which file_name.ebp (exiled bot plugin) would be loaded if conditions inside the file were met. Something similar to what I've made in the past: http://www.blizzhackers.cc/viewforum.php?f=237&start=50 This would allow players to create their own customized versions of the bot. I also know that this would take a month~ to implement programming wise.
  6. bobbyjayblack

    Bot Stuck @ Reading Clickable Area Lore

    Bot Version: 0.13b Operating system (windows 7 64bits, windows XP, windows 8...) : windows 8 - Configuration.ini file content (use the Code display to quote it please) : ; Bot main config file [general] ; Define here which character you want to use in the character selection screen (default : 1, top character). character_to_use=3 ; Define here what is the last act unlocked by your character. last_act_unlocked=3 ; Define here what is the last difficulty unlocked (1=normal, 2=cruel, 3=merciless). last_difficulty_unlocked=3 ; Open chest ? open_chest=true ; Open chest under this range (clean monsters before) (0 : infinite). chest_range=200 ; activate shrine activate_shrines=true ; activate shrines under this range shrines_range=1000 ; Level gems ? level_gems=true ; If you want to use Alt to loot items, setting this option to true may reduce the number of crap loot, to use this parameter, you need to enable the option Key Pickup in the UI options and be sure the highlight key is set up on alt (default : true) use_alt_to_loot=true ; Here write the name of the zone that you want the bot to clean. You have to write it /! HE SAME WAY/!as it is written in the coordinates.ini file (without _x or _y ofc). For now, the bot can only clean one zone per run. zone_to_clean=the_ledge ; Important!! you have to give the act which the zone belongs. zone_to_clean_act=1 ; Set the difficulty desired (1=normal, 2=cruel, 3=merciless). zone_to_clean_difficulty=3 ; Percent of the map from which bot consider map is cleared, bot will restart instance when value reached. area_clean_percent=0.800000 ; If the number of dead monster around character didn't change during last 60s (default), next instance! (set to 0 to disable this feature). monster_no_kill_timeout=60 ; Maximum time (in seconds) allowed per run. when timer is reached, exit to login and start again. run_max_time=108000 ; Use TP Scrolls instead of exiting to login. enable_tp_to_town=false ; Passphrase to enable Elite Features. passphrase=REMOVED AFTER I REREAD POST [combat] ; Bot will kill any monster at this range before looting anything (chest and item). safe_range=400 ; Max distance to engage monsters (0 : infinite) monster_max_attack_distance_value=0 [flasks] ; If life goes below this value, use pot. use_life_flask_percent=0.800000 ; If mana goes below this value, use pot. use_mana_flask_percent=0.000000 ; If life goes below this value, chicken. chicken_life_percent=0.200000 ; If energy shield goes below this value, chicken (default : 0, means that it is deactivated). chicken_energy_shield_percent=0.000000 ; Flask key in slot (begining from left). flask_key_slot1=1 ; Flask healing time (in millisecond). flask_slot1_recharge_rate=6000 ; Flask key in slot (begining from left). flask_key_slot2=2 ; Flask healing time (in millisecond). flask_slot2_recharge_rate=8000 ; Flask key in slot (begining from left). flask_key_slot3=3 ; Flask healing time (in millisecond). flask_slot3_recharge_rate=8000 ; Flask key in slot (begining from left). flask_key_slot4=4 ; Flask healing time (in millisecond). flask_slot4_recharge_rate=4000 ; Flask key in slot (begining from left). flask_key_slot5=5 ; Flask healing time (in millisecond). flask_slot5_recharge_rate=7000 ; Flask cooldown to avoid using flask multiple times when low life. flask_delay=3000 [stashing] ; Enable stashing ? enable_stashing=true ; Which stash tab to use ? stash_tab_to_use=2 ; How many slot remaining need to consider inventory full ?? slots_remaining_number_fullinv=20 - Character class : marauder - Level : 62 - Difficulty : Cruel - Area: Act 1 Ledge near a clickable Lore - Behavior: The bot somehow clicks the lore either trying to pickup an item or attack a monster, then just stays stuck there, constantly clicking it.
  7. bobbyjayblack

    HowTo: Run in VMWare Workstation 9

    I am successfully running 20 VM's all running the free version of the bot. Below are the steps I took. Install VMWare Workstation 9.0.2 Install Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit Settings for VM install: 30GB HDD (Single file) 2GB RAM Default for everything else Install Inside Windows 8: Uninstall all the apps you can Go to desktop, right-click task-bar and set it to boot to desktop/use desktop as much as possible. Turn off automatic updates Run updates manually Install VMWare Tools Install Path of Exile from http://webcdn.pathofexile.com/downloads/PathOfExileInstaller.msi Install DirectX End-User Runtime from http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 Install Exile Bot Reboot as needed (I did not change any performance settings within Windows 8) Optional: Install and configure a VPN program to have multiple IPs. I recommend/use HideMyAss Path of Exile Settings: Lower all graphics to minimal allowed. (800x600) You should now be able to run Exile Bot and Path of Exile without error. You may create a linked clone of this virtual machine. In the clone, you'll have to configure a different Path of Exile login. Let me know if any errors occur or how I may make this HowTo better. FAQ How are you able to run 20 VMs with Path of Exile? I have a high-end computer, made solely for botting various games. Specs: iIntel 7-3930K (6-core, 12 threads) OC'd to 4.8GHz 64GB DDR3 @ 2400MHz 256GB SSD Samsung 830 Series EVGA GTX Titan SC Windows 7 Pro 64-bit How do I get rid of the Gamma flicker? Pressing F1 in game will reduce it significantly. This is a Path of Exile bug and can not be fixed otherwise. Do other operating systems as virtual machines work? I've tried Windows 7 Pro 32-bit and the game crashed for me after 30 minutes of botting due to running out of graphics memory. I have not tried any other operating systems, but feel free to post what works with what virtual machine settings.
  8. bobbyjayblack

    Stuck stashing quest items

    I have 2 quest items in my inventory. When the it goes to stash, it constantly keeps trying to move those two items to the stash, but is unable to. A solution to this it to add a filter to not stashing green titled items.
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