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  1. Tweek

    How to set up private vpn server for IP's

    WOW, thats a helpful post... yeah I'm unsure of how to run your own server... I just buy vpn's that are dynamic..
  2. Tweek

    15K wp co ords *Still* slightly off

    I posted in the last thread, but this version fixed mine for now.... but im not in merc yet so...
  3. Tweek

    15J wp co ords slightly off

    Well that's because npc's coords change as you complete quests
  4. Tweek

    15J wp co ords slightly off

    Yeah his coords didn't work for me either
  5. Tweek


    Edit: had to delete and re extract the bot into my vm to get the code to activate, Thanks again beast, i appreciate it!
  6. Tweek


    all 3 keys= "the key provided does not exist"
  7. Tweek

    Upgrading Orbs

    noice, was just thinking the other day of the possibility to vendor up
  8. Tweek

    My account got banned just today

    i was running 2 accounts pretty much 24/7 for the last 3 weeks... no bans yet, vpn's running on all accounts... vpnlifeguard to keep me safe! , sorry for your bans
  9. Tweek

    Changing NPC Coordinates on Exile Bot (Video)

    upvote, cuz im tired of telling people... like the elders were too tired to tell me
  10. Tweek

    VMWare Video Memory

    i thought that was a setting in the .vmx file for vm?
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