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    HowTo: Run in VMWare Workstation 9

    I'm pretty new to VMware, so forgive my newbie questions. If you wanted to run a 2nd VM, does that require you to create a 2nd 30GB/1GB instance? I'm trying out VMware Player right now, and it seems like that's what I have to do to get a 2nd VM up and running.
  2. cheatersprosper

    [v3.3] EB-Tools

    Is it possible to re-post a download link? The link is directed to the old forum, which redirects us back to the new forum.
  3. cheatersprosper

    [v3.3] EB-Tools

    This would be very nice, indeed.
  4. cheatersprosper

    [v3.3] EB-Tools

    I was about to give it a try, but looks like we'll need to wait for an update first!
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