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  1. Does this only work for dx9? If so is there way to get it on dx11?
  2. StillGreen

    bot wont upgrade maps to rare

    Had this same issue and figured out that i needed to add all my tabs which bot is using to stash tabs e: so in pickit > stashing > in the bottom : stash tabs-box
  3. StillGreen

    Key not activated

    Also note that it needs clean install to work
  4. StillGreen

    Whats the worst that can happen?

    It has one really serious consequence. It could cause actual and immediate death... of your toe. It's like... it would just fall off, I mean even without giving any notice! Man, I've seen it actually happen to some people, really, don't tell me its not real! It IS real thing! I have heard enough of it but you WONT take my toe, only over my dead body!!
  5. I tested this just now, talking about bad timing .
  6. StillGreen

    after patch 1.0.1 bot not working

    Sounds like we need to wait for our own patch.
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