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  1. Ether88

    When the update?

    Dear Vigaro, the approach you are speaking of did not worked this time ("Check out the discord for RC versions" and "Working RC version was released couple days ago. Check discord's #release channel."). So... I thought about a little workaround for our not-so-proficient-in-english-but-great-with-botting friend.
  2. Ether88

    When the update?

    Hard sometimes it is to one understand what is talking about but here go you bot link: https://www.exiled-bot.net/downloads/ExiledBotRC3.zip Sure I that am you could yourself do that it. Cheers you! Sorry. I could not resist the urge of mockery...
  3. Major updates like 2.X, 3.0, 3.X changes internal memory patterns, so every bot that reads memory needs an update. Only bot / scripts relying completely on graphic recognition can work at the moment. For example: GitHub - badplayerr/beta-autopot needed pointers update for 3.0, now it needs update for 3.1. Because most of the community can't find (or won't share) the memory pointers, we need to wait for someone kind enough to update them. Same situation is with ExiledBot - Alk needs some time to find the pointers, implement them and (probably) add league - specific mechanics. Because bot is much more complex then simple autopot it will take something abound 3-4 days (as @Syke2017 mentioned). Be patient.
  4. Ether88

    Dear administration

    Chill out, monitor trade trends and prepere your new pickit and mapper configuration.
  5. Ether88

    Can i get auto follow bot?

    Mate, if it is so easy, then you can do it yourself :D. Second thing - main purpose of the bot is to produce income in currency (and, after some trading also real money). It was not made to be pet or solo players little helper elf. It can help with lazy gameplay, but it was not completly designed for it.
  6. @Cowding Thank you for information!
  7. This are only suggestions and predictions. Ad 1) and 2) From Anouncment we know that: So I think that we are talking about seperated area or - at least - boss arena. I agree with you - if it is timed it will not have much sense to put bot on hold. Also, it is arguable to build in any "abbys crack avoidance" mechanics. Ad 3) This suggestion was more about keeping in memory that - not nessesery dev-team, but community members that are contribuiuting to the pickit for example - it a good idea to look into the pickit configuration after league launch. Of course this configuration is personal, but I am not talking about new unique items: it is easy to make bot pick them. I am talking about potencialy new item types (like Divine Vessel) that can be left on the ground because pickit rules will not include them at all. I agree with you that this is not a matter of implementing new "feature", but it is also information to the testing team (and community members involved in more then just using a bot) that this is area to look into. And finaly: thank you for your input :).
  8. I've suggestion regarding features connected to announced Abbys League: 1) Abyssal Depths alert - if bot spots location, alert should be issued, 2) Clear Abbysal Depths option - similar to "clear corrupted areas" and "open breaches", Besides that: we should remember about updating pickits: new jewels, new base-type. It is unknown at the moment how new sockets will interact with jeweller orb / fusion orb / chromatic orb, but we should probably have this in mind when preparing pickit update.
  9. Please, tell me: - what zone do you farm (maybe ilevel is too low for chaos?), - do you have any rare section in your pickit (if you use unmodified standard, then probably yes), - what is the meaning of life universe and everything else If your answer for 2nd question is yes, then you need to comment rare sections in pickit file because probably they are interacting with chaos recip.
  10. Ether88

    Breach Money Maker - Cheap and Easy

    Great money-maker, but not playable in terms of map and end-game content. It work fine if you need currency-generating character for the main char or just for money.
  11. Ether88

    Level Bot

    This build's Leveling section can be helpful: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1749520 From my experience: - rush forward (try to never be on the map under your current level), - do only Passive Points and mandatory quests, - follow the build-plan, - if this is not your main character, use gear from the main if possible (garbage uniqs are not always garbage from leveling up perspective), - if you have clear plan for build, buy needed items when you hit the requirments.
  12. Ether88

    Path of maps & PoeHUD

    Main bot (and botting) purpose is to produce income. Using it in connection with casual play is not the main objective of the bot, so it (probably) will not use PoM. As for poeHUD - if poeHUD is not opensource (or open-code in any other legal way), it would be difficult to make it part of ExiledBot. As for personal macros - what would you like it to do (what bot does not)? Again - casual botting is not the main purpose of the bot. It is not an ill-will of dev-team, but simple reaction to demands of people, who can use bot for farming money and pay the price for quality product (and quality is not only safety, but also - with efficiency).
  13. Ether88

    Mapping. Power leveling.

    Configuration files, not scripts. If you are talking about scripts, search for Autopot. Bot is a form of automation for the game. From the user perspective - you team it using configuration. Part of configuration is presented in form of menu and general user interface. Second part (like pickit, map configuration, etc...) is too complicated to be presented in such a manner. I see what you expect, but at the moment you need to do some work by yourself to power level (eg. unlock content, difficulties, etc...) or mapping (this is easier - with unlocked content, simple build, you can use bot with proper map configuration to make it possible to map efficiently).
  14. Ether88

    Set/View Hotkeys

    +1 Just got here... because I was looking for information about the... PLOT TWIST! hotkeys!
  15. Ether88

    Chromatic Recipe...

    You have to use min 30s timespan to not get banned. Using specific item forced drop will get you ban-hammered fast. Use random unique with min 30s timespan (I use 2600s now and no bans). Chromatics script does not work after the latest update, thay have removed "colour" keywords.
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