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  1. error, can't download tradespam v6.2 immo.
  2. tried kite mode to 10 range and it wasnt as effective as face tank imo. Anyway how do you setup bot to use all the writhing flasks beside customize keys in the combat?
  3. hongthai

    Discord link

    https://discord.gg/0yPMS218NErLypa4 its located right above the chat
  4. not only this but also tons of error messages which mostly caused by poor internet connection can be solved pretty easily with a simple click on the OK button in the login screen. I've been getting a lot of: Operation Timed Out authentication invalid Disconnected ... it'd be excellent to have this feature implemented. Please Alk, make it happen for a better botter's life
  5. hongthai

    Not recast golem to much

    have you figure it out? cuz am having this problem right now.
  6. hongthai

    How to enable a golem?

    am having the same issue, CWDT is not ideal.
  7. hongthai

    selling 2 instead of 3 map for upgarding

    still only 2 maps of the same type are being taken.
  8. hongthai

    selling 2 instead of 3 map for upgarding

    I dont see any duplicated lines, please shed some light if you be so kind.
  9. I believe there is an available line for you to change in pickit. also you can sell Armourer's Scrap and Blacksmith's Whetstone to get Glassblower's Bauble
  10. hongthai

    Quick question before buying

    Questing is an available option, however its only available in some parts of act 1 and its not exactly reliable. Bot can grind to get you lvl up, you gotta do quests by hand. Map farming is pretty efficient with this bot, around 13 maps or so are skipped because of navigation issues. The rest can be farmed pretty smoothly even though some bosses can't be reached. Bot update is quick. My overall experience after 3 years with exiled-bot is fairly good as I love to watch my bot plays for me instead of just 1-click-and-forget, bot-for-profit kind of thing. hope this can help you out and welcome to the community.
  11. hongthai

    is refund available?

    I dont find any autostarter on this forum. Hope you can shed some light.
  12. always been a fan of your work Immo! keep it up!
  13. SendMessage, 0xB772,,,, 'Windows Name of the Bot' I cant get this to work, please help me out, am using autoit
  14. I have 0 coding experience, please help me to make something as simple as SendMessage, 0xB772,,,, 'Windows Name of the Bot', where the bot is started as normal mode.
  15. any chance that this can help map sorting?
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