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  1. darkbluefirefly

    Exiled bot vs other bots

    Was never jelly bro, I was just putting down made up facts like prior to my post. Then the little ones start to swarm.
  2. darkbluefirefly

    Exiled bot vs other bots

    Stop kidding youself dynastyo. I wouldn't trust the words of someone who keeps hoping around =). If you are RMTing, I believe the strongest point is being able to run the most clients as possible per PC. I'm very confident that Exiled cannot ever be ran in the same amounts as buddy. And have a look at the bugs you have lol.. I mean seriously.. And don't get me started on stash dancing rofl. Buddy's back up, boredom is over. FYI themedia hinders this exiled so much, it's redic.
  3. darkbluefirefly

    Exiled bot vs other bots

    Small minds think small thoughts. Who in the right mind runs just one. You must be in the autism and retard hybrid.
  4. darkbluefirefly

    Exiled bot vs other bots

    Really? You're right, buddy can't make those numbers, it makes more. I push about 14000~ Chaos a day so meh.
  5. darkbluefirefly

    Leveling up new characters

    do me a favor. Reverse the client, the section where it authenticates the client, the packet, what's that? The mac is being sent along with client authentication?? LIKEOhMyGodNoWai, this is coming from a 12 yr old kid who has too much time on his hands. Who needs a degree? Am I right? Sorry have to call you out on this. and the sites you are posting for info. And monkey on google can search those and figure it out, read the actual papers written about the protocols.
  6. darkbluefirefly


    Why u angry bro
  7. darkbluefirefly

    Vaal Zones

    the fucking zones are a new feature, it isn't even out yet and you are asking for an option to something that no one has had a chance to even test yet?
  8. darkbluefirefly

    Some questions for new ladder

    well, there goes your hopes and dreams.
  9. darkbluefirefly

    {[ Client ]} 1 report window

    be nice and all, but imo, a more stable bot that doesn't fucking crash every 100~ runs or has memory leaking issues, or other shit like item stuck on cursor would be better then these "convenience" features. I rather the bot run and me not having to run 5 ahk scripts so the bot stays running and doesn't have to be babysat. What you are asking can be done by paying someone 500~ to code, which is what i did. If you "mass" bot, 500$ is easy money.
  10. darkbluefirefly

    [Easy fix for more stable botting] - AutoPOE - AURA

    char screen makes CPU jump like 30% due to stupid intro at char.
  11. darkbluefirefly

    Tips that can help *some* reduce VM diskspace and i/o

    one does not need lots of ram to run lots of bots.
  12. darkbluefirefly

    wts 5s 5l Voltaxic ...60ex

    lol. no offense, do you trade bro?
  13. darkbluefirefly

    [Script] PoE PM Logger

    yea it's a pain in the ass to access a 800 meg file =.=, else you have to trim the log every 100~ megs? fucking annoying still.
  14. darkbluefirefly

    [Script] PoE PM Logger

    that's the same library right? did you make changes to it? Nm i'll do a compare. Thanks for the hard work, are you able to give me pointers to get the address of monster attributes? so i can make it fucking chicken when there's a volatile near or reflect. much <3. I'm on nemesis and having a 80~ die with 30 ex of equip is a bitch.
  15. darkbluefirefly


    then change your chicken values.. why u blaming a program that you set the chicken ratio and you expect it not to chicken? Will you whine when it gets you killed by picking up that fake bor? saying why did it not chicken but went for loot? It chickened, you were there to see the bor, log back in, go back to the instance and grab the bor, then suck it up. edit* also there's a bug report forum, go there and report the bug, it is "beta" still, don't expect it to be final.
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