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    Stashing issues

    So I use the standard bot version, and find that if I enable stashing, that when it comes time for the bot to stash some currency, it occasionally seems to do a CTRL-click, but gets stuck. The item gets stuck on the cursor, and it seems to click in a space between the stash tab and the inventory, as though I was trying to drop the item in town. The result is a constant window saying "do you want to destroy or keep the item". This persists until I check on the bot and remove that window. Is there a timing issue where the bot just doesn't have enough time to stash the item, or is it some offset issue? Help appreciated, as I am essentially unable to enable stashing. Thanks in advance. Also, I use immo's auto-flask script, but this shouldnt matter since it is disabled in town. (although others have noted issues with stashing with auto-flask scripts)
  2. Flicker Strike Cooldown: 0 Max Range: 500 Min Distance: 0 Priority: 10 (if this is main attack) Monster Amount: 2 Max Range: 500 Frenzy Cooldown: 0 Max Range: 500 Min Distance: 0 Priority: 4 Blood Rage Cooldown: 10000 Max Range: 700 Min Distance: 0 Priority: 4 I find this combination allows me to flicker around, so long as there are 2 or more monsters in range, and if there's only one, it will use frenzy to gain charges. And blood rage to keep up frenzy charges. Works well for a flicker build.
  3. both are amazing, and definitely help to speed things up. thanks guys
  4. Same problem downloading...is there a certain post minimum in order to download or view files? Just on general board, not elite
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