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  1. I need help still... Even the smallest amount helps
  2. What's on my mind? Life. My suggestion to you is to cherish each day. You don't know which one is your last

  3. Walt still needs help. Any donations will be most gracious
  4. Thank you all for the help. I appreciate everything that you've all done for me. I won't see a paycheck until the 24th and have been living off of ham sandwiches. Things will get better for me eventually. My biggest worry is being out in the cold for two days before my first paycheck. If anyone can help out I'll pay you back as soon as I can I need a total of $63 dollars more.
  5. Thank you to the Russian who was able to donate some PayPal cash. it all adds up! I've currently got a temp job trying to afford rent for the rest of the month. Anything helps. I don't have a laptop ATM either so I can't not currently !
  6. I'm currently homeless and need donations. I've got $128 saved up and am currently looking for a job through my local employment hiring agency. I've put in 30 apps and had four interviews. I need help bad. Going to school currently but battling with bad depression. I may have a job on the 20th with a construction company. Until then trying to make some more cash to get a warm place to sleep Please donate $1 to the Walt relief fund. PayPal [email protected] Western union: please pm
  7. Walt

    graphics fuckup vmware workstation 9 sometimes

    Try pressing f1 to bring up HUD overlay
  8. Walt

    Can i use only paypal to buy?

    Paypal is the preferred method, contact alkpone to see if he is willing enough to accept a different electronic method
  9. Patch 2.3.2b Fixed an issue with the size of Nuro's Harp. Fixed a bug where searching for "Map" in your stash would show the wrong items. Fixed a bug with Contagion being supportable by Controlled Destruction, as it was not correctly fixed in 2.3.2. Changed the Stacked Deck to contain a more-equally-weighted set of Divination Cards. Fixed some issues with the Brazilian Portuguese translation. Fixed an issue with the audio of lightning strike.
  10. Walt


    Obtain two accounts, use one as a main, one as a smurf to "launder" your gold and in case anything happens, smurf gets the hit, main bank stays open!
  11. Buying the bot will undoubtedly pay off as you will be collecting more orbs after unlocking elite status.
  12. Walt

    What other games do you play?

    Tacked on a few more hours of dota over the years... lately have been playing Overwatch on the PS4 with my brother and nephew.
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