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  1. Cowding

    When the update?

    Check out the discord for RC versions
  2. Cowding

    Crashed the attached program

    You are attaching it to very weak programs.
  3. Pickit is updated before the patch hits because GGG announces the new item types a day earlier for the lootfilter contributors.
  4. It is possible I think but the work required probably not worth spending the resources on this as there are other more important stuff to be implemented, in my opinion. If you want a bunch of lvl 19 max xp gems you can either disable gem leveling at level 19 because from 19 to 20 it will take at least ten hour for the bot (and we are speaking of a crazy setup here, probably it's going to be days) so you have enough time to act. Or have the bot level all his gems to 20 then disable gem leveling and make lvl 19 gems with vendor recipe of the ones you wish to eat with the loop later then let the bot do that 1 level again without leveling it up this time.
  5. Cowding

    Bot does not select waypoint to create new instance

    All I've got is that if you fresh start the bot in town it will check for the quests(or wps whatever) as usual then proceed and create an instace from the town border If you start it on the desired farming area it will work as intended
  6. Cowding

    Bot does not select waypoint to create new instance

    It's having trouble for me as well, not entirely sure what causes it yet. I have ashen fields set to farm, bot does town routine then proceeds to broken bridge from the town instance border and ignores wp completelly. Then it clears broken bridge, successfully avoids fellshrine instance border but as soon as seeing chamber of sins lvl 1 it proceeds there and clears it, then goes level 2.. I don't have progression enabled whatsoever, the most strange part is that I don't have lastrun.log either basically, all it records is the start of the bot and the manual stop of it, no information between those times Will post if figured out what's happening
  7. Cowding

    some time bot afk

    For future reference please always post your lastrun.txt because you gave basically no information to determine what's happening and no one can understand you that's why no one replies to either of your topics you keep opening. Also strongly suggest reading the compendium and the guides. Lastrun.txt can be found under X:\User\Exiled bot parent folder\Exiled Bot Beta\Log
  8. Cowding

    plz help me not work mapconfig

    Rofl So the // at the beginning of the lines disable them // [Type] == "Shaped Beach Map" # [RunMap] == "true" ^ means it will not run Shaped beach [Type] == "Shaped Beach Map" # [RunMap] == "true" ^ means it will run Shaped beach // [Type] == "Shaped Factory Map" # [IgnoreMap] == "true" ^ means it will not ignore Shaped Factory [Type] == "Shaped Factory Map" # [IgnoreMap] == "true" ^ means it will ignore Shaped Factory Keep in mind that ignoring is "stronger" than simply commenting out (//) a "run" line, so to make sure not to run something ignore it
  9. Cowding

    Bot dead

    I'm running multiple without any issues so double check your stuff before ragin
  10. Cowding

    BOT stopping

    If it's really the stash detection issue check my post on it in this topic, it solved the problem for the other user Link to the post
  11. Cowding

    Lioneye's Watch Act 6 problem

    Mud flats have no wp if I'm right, do you have force reset instance after every tp? because I imagine that could cause problems with zones available only from transition
  12. Cowding

    What is the best farming build for bot?

    Generally multiple projectile - chain or high aoe no target builds work the best
  13. Good to hear, you're welcome
  14. Look for this line in the system.ini and increase it to see if the issue persists ; Stashing delay, the slower the value the faster it will change between stash tabs with left and right arrow key, too low value may cause "overshoot" (when the selected tab goes over the needed one) stash_delay=400 You can try lowering this as well, not sure if this has anything to do with it actually ; AI clicks per second (default=10) AI_clicks_per_second=10
  15. If you are like me and you bot zones or maps where there are good divination cards and also run multiple bots/only check on it every couple of days you know how painful it is to exchange inventories of divination cards(more so if you are on VM or a remote pc), so I've made a little script that exchanges all divination card in your inventory. Runs on AutoHotkey This is just got finished and: the code is a mess it's not nice you need to use the "change all" function in notepad++ if you want to tinker the sleep times or whatever it has no break hotkey so will go thru your whole inventory before finishing if you have a full inv and the item exchanged takes up more than the space freed from the card (1 slot) it will break most people probably won't have use for it, it literally only worth it if you have full invs of cards Usage: Press F5 to resize your poe window to the top left corner Go to Tasuni, chose exchange divination cards Press F6 Wait Attached to the post and Pastebin link if you want to "compile" it yourself, paste it into a txt and rename it to whatever.ahk divcard_exchange.ahk
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