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  1. ghbdtls

    詢問VMware 開啟POE

    Hello, you need to upgrade your VMware machines. Poe is working with VMware version 16
  2. ghbdtls

    VMware optimization for Gaming (Advanced Support)

    Hello all, we are public now and this is available for everyone. Get the best gaming vm now --> crazyVM.com Enjoy!
  3. ghbdtls

    Probleme läuft nicht

    Hi, klingt nach einer alten Version. Das macht er in der Regel nur wenn die Version nicht stimmt. Hast du das Problem beim Host oder VM?
  4. ghbdtls

    Program won't launch

    Hi Do you have this problem on host side or inside the vm?
  5. ghbdtls


    Hi, i try to keep it short: Is the bot safe to run ? —>It was never safe to run, not this one and also not the exiledbuddy. You should be aware of it: to get a random ban. i will run 12 hours a day with 1 accountAnd is there any list to follow to stay safe from bans —>12hr non stop is bad idea, anyway you will find several threads and ideas how to stay ,,safe''. Google and Forum are your best friends here. I used Exilebuddy for long time never got banned there, sad news they shut it down! —> detection was a main problem here and it was a hassl to code it from scratch, ppl decide to drop it. As you are not complete new to this topic it should be enough to read some strategy’s and make you own decision. cheers
  6. ghbdtls

    I bought the bot and now?

    Hi, simple download the bot and activate it. The activation code is under ,,manage purchases'', copy and paste it. That’s all.
  7. Hello sir, Can you look at my thread and please respond to this questions?


    Thanks !

  8. ghbdtls

    VMware optimization for Gaming (Advanced Support)

    Hi, If you facing any kind of issues with vm, have no clue how to optimize vm and windows, dont like to read 1000 guides, then you can pm me and we will discuss your problems and possible solutions. Consulting is free Regards
  9. ghbdtls

    VMware optimization for Gaming (Advanced Support)

    Hello Rick, If you use vsphere/esxi and a compatible video card this isn't true ......wow, i think you have open many ppl the closed eyes. Maybe you go deeper and explain something about Nvidias and AMDs technology, aa and the price of such hardware & licensing? This will help to understand how to ,, vm to use GPU card" Why do you show the capabilities of a great ISO image and not share it? Or at least explain how to get there? --> Im a fool or are you a elite member? Why do you have not developed your own bot? Im sure i will find with 15 min google some infos how to do this. What is offering here is not only a customize Image, there is a lot of more work in it. No one will be sad if you do such a guide, but im sure there is a reason why ppl bring their cars to a workshop and some of them to a garage. So at the end its a decision if we like to do itself (Maybe spend some weeks) or to spend money and have it ready. Or? Regards
  10. ghbdtls

    VMware optimization for Gaming (Advanced Support)

    Hi This is calling GPU passthrough. This allows you to use your gcard direct in the vm. Cool? Only if you like to have one VM Passthrough = one device to one vm 10 VMs = 10x GCard
  11. ghbdtls

    Weapon swap for bosses

    Hi, but at all this seems to be a nice feature + monoamino
  12. Hi folks! You are facing problems with VMware, Hardware or Software? Your VM freez, flicker, go blackscreen or need 20GB only for Windows? 🤪🤣 You have read carefully all the guid's but it seems your problem is unique? Than you are at the right place! My small team is offering advanced Support for VMware, Hardware (PC Setup, tweaks & optimization), Software and many more. You are facing a problem? I’m sure there is a solution! Over 7 years of experience in optimization and troubleshooting of Windows and VMware. Like to go extreme? Windows 10 Pro 64Bit VM /650MB RAM /5,5GB Installation size ....optimized to rock browser, 2D & 3D games, include Firewall to block non VPN traffic. Awesome spec's? That’s can’t be true? That’s details of a Win XP VM 10 years in the past? Here is the answer: Feel free to contact (ENG/GER/RU/PL) us here or on Skype: crazyVM and to discuss your problems, goals and things you like to talk about. Also feel free to contact us if you have a special request, we love challenges and what was impossible yesterday may works tomorrow. I will share from time to time interesting things here with you (Proxy, how to config it, using this in combination with the Firewall, maybe some interesting Hardware stuff and so on). Also take a look to the old (Updated) post. Please note: After a small research I recognize that nothing was changed in the last two years regarding optimization...there are only more trolls crying about bad VMware 🤮 and this was the reason to rock the party! Please don't ask for the ISO Image...it was necessary to put ton of deployment work and to drink many coffee to make this real! We will not share the ISO and you will not find it in Google. Happy bot times and try to stay under the radar! I wish you luck! ghbdtls
  13. Hi, seems Steam need an update You have to wait till new ver. is out Today poe will patch again and than it take some days to update all and add new content. So u can look again in some days for the new ver. cheers
  14. ghbdtls

    Funktioniert der Bot zuverlässig ?

    Hi, den alten Bot gibt es nicht mehr da dieser detected wurde und somit kein Sinn mehr machte. Poe hat hier nachgebessert was das Thema Bot angeht. Nach meienen Tests und meinem Setup gibt es keine Systemseitige detection die diesen Bot sofort auffliegen lässt. Allg würde ich in diesem Status sagen das der Ban nach alten Regeln funktioniert. Einen Main Acc zu benutzen würde ich dennoch NICHT empfehlen! 100% Sicherheit gib es nicht und wenn dir dein Acc lieb ist, dann benutze lieber eine VM und einen neuen Acc cheers
  15. ghbdtls

    Bot doesn't work [VIDEO]

    Sry for the late answer :/ seems like the version of the bot was not correct...did you check this?
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