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  1. bubbadogbubba

    Mapping form hideout .

    You can actually take this one step further if possible and have your character just hang out in the hideout for everything. Alk could instruct everyone to setup a "specific" HO layout and the coordinates could be worked off of that to allow players to even stash, sell, chance, etc from their HO. I understand this is a significant amount of work, but in the end it would probably save a lot of bans
  2. This is not my work. I got it from this forum, but I couldn't find that topic so I am making a new one. This is an AHK script. So this works well, but can someone help me figure out how to make the script wait 3 seconds before posting in a new channel? Thank you in advance.
  3. bubbadogbubba

    what really should be done yestarday!

    Devs, if this issue really is as bad as the previous posters are commenting about it needs to be fixed immediately!!! I tend to not really have this issue, but I really don't run any IIQ/IIR on my bots. However, this needs to be fixed on the next bot update and we should NOT have to wait until GGG releases the next patch for PoE. The bot is great and the devs are awesome, but I think the community has spoken on this issue. It needs fixed.
  4. bubbadogbubba

    Recipe Item Pickup

    Sorry that is not true! Monsters drop items that are the same level they are. Whites are level of the area. Blues are +1 level of the area. Rares and uniques are +2 level of the area. So in library you can get items with ilvl 67-69
  5. bubbadogbubba

    [Petition]Add catacombs support!

    Honestly this would be the best feature if Alk could add it. I understand that it likely is a bit difficult, but it would make farming so so much easier
  6. bubbadogbubba

    5L is not 5L actually

    Yeah, it doesn't pick up every 5s item. Not sure why it picks up certain 5s items. Mine also picks up some junk white items and I am not sure why. It might be my pickit, but I need to do more digging into that.
  7. This is still occuring. Does not seem to happen if you disable the smart pickit. I have gone through my smart pickit and there is nothing in there that should be making the bot pickup 5s items. It does pickup 5L items as it should, but can we try and look into why it is picking up 5s items also? As always keep up the good work devs
  8. bubbadogbubba

    Bot Stashes a Few Items Then Leaves ...

    This is still an issue. Bot only stashes 2-4 items each stash run. If you have a rare that is not in the upper left portion of the inventory then bot will ignore it until the inventory gets more full.
  9. bubbadogbubba

    Bot stops on it's own and does not attack anymore.

    Sadly this is still occuring in 0.13e at certain times. I think it is related to VM issues, but it has happened to 3 of my nemesis bots and sadly they were not tanky enough to survive..REEEP!
  10. bubbadogbubba

    [Release] Chicken v0.2

    xanthos, what command does the chicken thing do? Does it alt-F4 or just close the game client? Hopefully it alt-F4's so that there is minimal disconnect time.
  11. Would there be anyway to have this setup a randomized timer? You could just have it pick a random number from say 30 minutes to 60 minutes between each zone change. That way it would not be so obvious as seeing that the toon switched from farming zones exactly every 30 minutes
  12. bubbadogbubba

    Bot is vendoring, but not stashing after

    Glad to know that Alk is on top of it
  13. bubbadogbubba

    Death Reports

    Always use auto chicken backup
  14. bubbadogbubba

    Bot selling orbs to vendor (CONFIRMED FIXED)

    @poe: If you used my above settings I included all the maps I know those things are valuable.
  15. bubbadogbubba

    ModList is not full

    Modslist is still incomplete. Still a work in progress.
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