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  1. Sorry for the noob question but what support gems are you using on you primary linked skills? Thanks
  2. huon

    Stuck at Character Selection

    Bot status is down since 1.02 POE update.
  3. huon

    Can't atack...

    You will need to post your config file and tell us what attacks you are using on what keys.
  4. huon


    I love that the programmers have added a better pickit. I am however feeling lazy and wonder if anyone has created a more comprehensive one that they would share.
  5. You may want to post your configuration. I am set to pick-up all you mention and only picked up one white in a week. I have not picked up a 5 link in a few weeks and others have posted on that issue so it is probably not configuration related.
  6. huon

    GUI-Configuration mismatch?

    No worries. I had already made the change in the config. I just wanted to make sure it got reported.
  7. huon

    GUI-Configuration mismatch?

    I decided to try botting in the Imperial Gardens and when I used the gui it assigned the config file to warehouse sewers. All of the pre-release WPs write correctly. Is it something corrupt in my system? I can of course reload but I figured I see if anyone else saw this.
  8. huon

    trying to run bot on a vm but getting error

    First make sure your VM display settings have 3d acceleration activated (Player>Manage>Settings>Hardware>display). If so make sure your vmware tools are up to date. Finally you made need to load direct draw on your vm (not sure which version). You can do a Google search.
  9. huon

    Which VM software?

    I just use vmware player. You can run multiple copies assuming your PC has the power to handle multiples.
  10. huon

    Why are you botting?

    I bot to assist with leveling and because I absolutely love the surprise when I open up my inventory and see all the new goodies.
  11. huon

    Banhammer This Morning

    I am guessing portal gem is in the works but with the long list of requests it may take a while to get. I am amazed that our development crew has kept up as well as they have.
  12. huon

    dominating blow bot attack dominateds

    Saw the same thing with my zombies. Probably low on the fix list with all the other changes. I just changed bot characters.
  13. huon

    This brings me back, Thank You!

    I was only banned once in 10 years. Although the realm downs were irritating.
  14. huon

    This brings me back, Thank You!

    There are those to bot to make money or increase their status. I however bot for exactly the same reason you mention. I love opening my inventory and seeing what wonderful surprise is waiting.
  15. huon

    Banhammer This Morning

    I wonder if they realize that a certain amount of botting prolongs the life of the game. Although the spam botting in D2 was annoying I don't think it would have lasted nearly as long without it. They are likely trying to clean things up before 1.0 release. No ban this round but I only run for several hours a day and no trades between accounts.
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