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  1. Just perfect, thank you. This is the only must have script in my list. Excelent job.
  2. rodin

    Where to go after Docks?...

    I wouldnt dare to open strongboxes in beyond, the wrong combination will kill you. As far as exp progression docks, library/catacombs and maps.
  3. rodin

    Running Fragments

    Bumping this, it would help a lot the farm of midnight pieces.
  4. or we can all just set up our coords in some option inside the coordinates.ini, that way nobody is forced to use the same hideout, positons. [hideout] ; Way Point X Y ;Vendor X Y ;Vendor Sequence X Y ;Map device X Y
  5. Hi immo, I was wondering if it is possible to add some check that detect the message of Masters when they are found and trigger a popout similar to the one we get when we receive a private message. As always great script, thanks a lot.
  6. rodin

    Selling problem

    Diferent quest progression have diferent selling coords, you need to edit your coordinates. https://exiled-bot.net/community/index.php/topic/1682-guide-for-beginners-exiledbot-compendium/
  7. rodin

    Qual gems Pickit bug?

    If you set the bot to pick a gem in the pickit it will get it dispite quality settings.
  8. rodin

    Where can I get bot source code?

    Well if you are trying to learn I can direct you to a GREAT project of open source bot, it was an old game called Ragnarok Online. This bot "Openkore" was an open source project and it is still active. Best, most complete bot I ever saw/use. You can find all the information here :http://www.openkore.com/index.php/Main_Page
  9. rodin

    Where can I get bot source code?

    I want the source too, gimme plz!
  10. yeah, they will ban and say "you got banned because I didnt like the name of this window".
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