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  1. Un petit nouveau qui a besoin d'aide :(

    Salut, Il y a déjà pas mal de topic la dessus sur le forum, en voici quelques un: https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/index.php?/topic/5216-compendium/ https://www.exiled-bot.net/community/index.php?/topic/1968-how-to-setup-the-exiled-bot-2017-edition/ Est-ce que tu poses ces questions à cause de la barrière de la langue? Si c'est le cas, fais le moi savoir et je tenterai de trouver du temps pour traduire les posts.
  2. Banhammer This Morning

    And that is why you use a VPN Most people using VPN got Ipbanned and account banned to, what you are saying is irrelevant!They automaticly IP ban because they are trying to get rid of all the Chinese farmers (as what i could read on the forums) Once they will understand this is not helping/doing any good they will do as every other game and stop Ip Banning. (Also it appears that they ban Ip ranges, if they get lets say 10++ bot in the range 60.111.140.xxx they might ban ( > But thats not proven yet. Using a known free vpn will flag you faster than anything. And again I got all my accounts unbanned, they CANNOT DETECT THE BOT BUT they can detect strange behavior which gets you automatically IP ban + Account banned. As said before, botting 12h ++ /day MIGHT be a part of how they catch most of us and Tons of connect/disconnect MIGHT to. I've had 2 bot that haven't been banned yet. Maximum play time : 4h/day (4-8 can'T really say exactly) All different Mac Address : All the same host IP (on which i got 5 accounts banned / unbanned) Different Windows System Names (might be relevant) (also when cloning your machines, make sure to do a sysprep[google it]) Once again i am sharing informations that i think are common sense because, until someone that works at GGG comes here and explain us how they detect strange behavior, i don't think anyone can make a sure point on how people got banned but one sure thing is that the bot IS NOT DETECTABLE. Oh and please, don't run the bot on the accounts they unbanned you ... that just ... well don't do it!
  3. Banhammer This Morning

    Wow did not think this would become a monster topic! You guys should start a RAGING topic! so we can rage against GGG haha! Anyway banhammer is part of the game we (botters) play, if you cannot accept it, don't bot!
  4. Banhammer This Morning

    This my friend, is the WORST idea ever, go ahead change your ip .. same MAC address on a diff IP from a DIFF CITY every 7-8hours ... yeah thats not suspicious at all!
  5. Banhammer This Morning

    Well its not a "time played detection" / "Time Online" Detection .. because i still have 2 bots that were running 24/7 along with the others and these two are still up ans running as we talk.
  6. Banhammer This Morning

    Well, i might get lucky and get my main back xD even tho i traded with my bots ... (i don't give a fuck bout my main account but i'd like to give my 40+ ex's to someone haha) Anyway trying the "I'ma SUE YOU! Taktik"
  7. Banhammer This Morning

    Lost 3 out of 5 accounts. Just though id let you guys know!
  8. Botting guidelines

    As stated before, using public vpn/proxies is pointless. Companies often have a "blacklist" with a ton of ip addresses on them. All they have to do is load it up and check accounts using those. Plus, changing your ip address does not change your mac (unless you are doing something about it). Good lecture http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/libr ... 28(v=ws.10).aspx#w2k3tr_tcpip_how_ipyx https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/MA ... s_Spoofing That said, it is yours to believe what i wrote or not, one thing is sure, you can't argue with how a TCP/IP connection is working, and what matter is the mac address not the ip.
  9. Great job on [Release] Alpha version v0.9

    I've ran diff Vm in the past 15-20 days, and most of the 32 bits were producing 3-4 times more crash (game and bot combined) than the 64, and after some research, it seems that the game is trying for some strange reason to write in memory over the 32bit array.. so the bot crashing might just be the fault of the game doing strange things.
  10. Awesome job with pathfinding. Botting in the docks is now even more productive. However, i've tested your new version with a 32bit version of Windows 7 and both the bot and the game still crashes. No crash on a 64bit version so far. Keep on the good work! (still waiting on that fully shadow update )
  11. how to run multiple bots at 1 time?

    tread the forum mate ... Virtual Machine.
  12. Complete Shadow Integration

    where have you read this ?
  13. Pretty sure this has already been asked for, and you guys are already working on it, but if not. A fully shadow game attached bot would be awesome, people could be able to run up to 5 times the amount of bot they are running at the moment without the need of using slow buggy deadly Vm's! Most of the bot (i've seen) were including that feature in the paid version only, as i think, would be a good idea for you guys. Keep on the good work!
  14. Yo!

    Jp Stands for Jean-Philippe and yes, just waiting on you guys to make it fully shadow so no more Vm thing.