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  1. PoEr

    PoE on VMware?

    A year later... Path of Exile on Vmware Workstation 10.0.1 with Windows 7 as guest (32-bit, ultimate): Getting numerous errors about "out of video memory" in most game areas Edit and update: Reducing graphics settings to trash by editing the configuration file fixed it. Now running PoE in Vmware at 100+fps
  2. PoEr

    Pickit Help?

    Helpful tip: Notice where the bot tries to click to "sell". In my case, Nessa's coordinates were a little bit off. The bot was trying to click a little bit below where the sell button was. I went to the coordinates.ini file and edited it. I reduced Nessa's "y" coordinate so the bot will now correctly click the sell button: npc_sell_button_y_nessa=171
  3. PoEr

    Bot stopped working

    After each game update, the bot also needs to be updated. The development team is working on it. This update usually takes a couple of days. So, just wait.
  4. PoEr


    Same issue here. It just scrolls through all tabs and stands in town, does nothing. v0.15d was the most stable version for me, using that one now.
  5. PoEr

    [Fixed] Smart pickit does not work at all

    +1 (why is this not pinned?) Next problem (I always have one): The bot has now started to pick up items. However, it continues to pick up until the inventory is full, and still keeps trying to pickup more, standing at the same location for hours. Character configuration file reads: ; How many slot remaining need to consider inventory full ?? slots_remaining_number_fullinv=20 The character configuation file location is botfolder\Configuration\playername\config.ini
  6. What I have in bot settings (pickit tab): "Activate smart pickit" is enabled. "Loot rare items" disabled. "Enable stashing" disabled. What I have in bot subdirectory: There is a default.ipd file in pickit folder for the profile I'm using. I edited the pre-existing pickit file that came with the bot. What does the pickit file contain: [Category] == "Gloves" && [Rarity] == "Rare" # [attack_speed_+%] >= "5" && [StashItem] == "true" How I tested it: I placed an identified rare glove on the ground with attack speed 7%. I started the bot. The bot ignores the item I placed on the ground, and just starts clearing the area as usual, but does not pickup any rare gloves at all.
  7. PoEr

    [v0.13b] stashing issue (video included)

    The bot stashed items only partially, and left several items in inventory in a haphazard way before leaving the town for next instance. It should have stashed everything except the scrolls?
  8. PoEr

    Death Reports

    In hardcore mode, you should have an additional safety measure (flask script as mentioned by dlr5668) - so you still have a chance to flask / logout even if the main bot program fails.
  9. PoEr

    Act2 Vendor problem

    The coordinate must be off. Look into configuration folder, there should be a coordinates.ini file. Find Vendor name, and adjust Y coordinate by 5 pixels (usually reducing the number by five) and test.
  10. PoEr

    bot shoots invisible enemies

    I think some world objects (e.g. a pile of books in the library) are wrongly marked as monsters. The offset may need to be updated.
  11. PoEr

    Dropping items for bot from main?

    The problem with dropping items is, you still need to party up with your main. That partying may raise a question on both of your accounts.
  12. PoEr

    current version doesn't level gems?

    Gem leveling is a bit broken at this time, use viewtopic.php?f=4&t=580 for now.
  13. PoEr

    v 0.11 thoughts and issues

    I tried this new version 0.11 briefly. Good things first: 1) Looks like the infinite looping in pathfinding is fixed. It does loop for a couple of times and then walks away, and that fixes the loop. Great job! 2) Portal scroll support - exactly what we've all been waiting for Some issues: 1) F12 does not consistently unpause the bot (we had this problem several versions before, it seems to have made its way back in). Update: I believe RC fixed it. 2) Portal back to town: Does the bot only use a scroll or can it also use a portal gem? What happens if the bot runs out of portal scrolls in inventory while picking up scrolls is disabled? 3) Bot still stuck around stairs at docks twice today. 4) Permanently stuck in town after portal back to town from docks, happened twice. It happened even when I turned stashing off. Still gets stuck in town in RC version. This could be very suspicious because other players can see you running back and forth in town in a loop, and may report you. 5) Occasional stucks at barrels when it's trying to break a barrel that is behind other barrels. It'll be great if the bot can use shift+click to break barrels and crates. 6) If I'm using zoomhack, sometimes bot moves mouse pointer to a very far away monster, and is just stuck there because monster is too far away. 7) Stashing still assumes a default of four tabs, more tabs are difficult to get working - it's a hit and try. Still testing, will update this thread later.
  14. PoEr


    Yes that is fine. As long as only one character is being controlled at a time.
  15. PoEr

    Questing / Gearing

    Questing and gearing would be very difficult for the bot to do on its own because it will also have to distribute the skill points that it earned, which are very crucial at early stages of the game.
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