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  1. pronoooob

    Hey, I'm Krash from Mi

    shrekt 5
  2. pronoooob

    Mirror of kalandra?

    teepa -> mirrored items are from strongboxes...
  3. pronoooob

    Auto PoE

    dont think Black has been around for a while...sorry guys
  4. pronoooob

    Leveling up new characters

    GGGG owned u sir Rose If you have reversed the client, you will also know that they parse your clipboard.....just food for thought for those out there
  5. pronoooob

    Mirror of kalandra?

    ty for cracking the bot, u win a BAN!
  6. pronoooob

    Bots banned

    how the fuck....else.........TY SIR U ARE NOW BANNED
  7. pronoooob

    Hello all!

    1. yes, but you can only BOT on one account / key at any given time 2. no 3. soon 4. best path finding outta all the bots, doubt will change 5. not sure never had been asked this b4 6. there are ways around it 7. depends on how many accs u are planning to bot.................and which.
  8. shoulda been done a long time ago...agree whole heartedly while were at it, I would like to have scheduled town breaks or w/e as well, in da near future
  9. yeah but ur mom will be by me CUZ OF WILDSTAR BOTTING!
  10. not gonna lie ...laughed so hard I fell outta my chair @ work it is what it is....this bots always been like this and anyone whose been around knows what it is.... exiled bot is not a forgotted project and will continue to be improved by everyone involved that bein said Alk, Walt and I are gonna be on the new website as well ! COME JOIN the FUN! NEGGARS (NA -> Bloodsworn -> Dominion PROLUBES SERVER!)
  11. pronoooob

    Worth botting PoE?

    well its really hard going if u multibot atm...but if u bot 1 acc should b ok
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