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  1. Hello everyone, ill start offering Boosting services once new l league Start so can get your bots running Legion Softcore 🔥1-70 LvL: 10 acts + 3 labs - 30 $ (16+ hours completion time) 🔥1-85 LvL: 10 acts + 3 labs - 40 $ (2 day completion time) 🔥1-90 LvL: 10 acts + 4 labs - 50 $ (3 days completion time)
  2. Legacy Facebreaker

    i got 2x legacy 956% and 942%
  3. Here guys my build http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAgQAAdwB5wUtDq0UIBjbGS4aVRv6HRQhYCXfJ-0otSmlMgk26ECgQ5xHfkp9T31QR1BQUWBUSVXGVw1YY1nzW69eE18_YEtgiGEhYVJko2VNZp5noG5pcH1yqXTtdPF673zZgFaE2YTvh3aMz49GkAqQVZkrnrmezZ_LoLSkGacwqZWrxayqrK-53b2BvqfAGsOGxtjPZdDQ0iHUj9lh3Q3i6udS55HvDu9O8i_z3fZI97760vuq_MU= currently does 20k DPS running City of sarn without problems Got 2.8k HP about 3k Def Fire Res: 13 Light Res: 74 Cold Res: 66 Chaos Res: -45
  4. Your video is private we can't see it
  5. What did u get from the bot

    i have few of those Chin Sol
  6. What did u get from the bot

    damn nice work I got only this so far
  7. Project Advancement

    sorry but what in teh heck is that ? lol
  8. New team member - foRei

    Welcome, Forei!
  9. easy way to avoid the trash items

    I been using this for and works 100% !
  10. What did u get from the bot

    i got 2x exalted last night and few uniques
  11. What did u get from the bot

    dude, this is insane! where were you bot at, Agree, hope i get same one day even better, keep going bro nice job
  12. NEW PATCH today Thursday 01/08

    does bot works for you guys couse here aint working ?
  13. NEW PATCH today Thursday 01/08

    Bot not working on act 2 for me atleast
  14. hey everyone

    Just wanted to say this bot is awesome keep the good job! I have donated some $ help you enjoy it