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  1. BatmanBeyond

    Will Exilet Bot work with PoE2?

    Well, we are waiting for new PoE. Take care
  2. PoE2 is supposed to run on the same engine, it's basically extra content. Are you going to improve ExiledBot to work properly with PoE2 as well?
  3. BatmanBeyond

    target corpse

    In my opinion, yes, everything works fine for me
  4. BatmanBeyond

    POE – What You Need To Know About Players' Hideouts

    I don't know how this thread with the link at the bottom hasn't been banned yet, but it will be soon I'm not sure everything you write is exactly as it is. The knowledge I have on this subject is a bit different, and let me give you some facts I would rather bet that they will buy poe currency from a reliable source. Odealo is the surest and safest source. If you want to buy currency for Path of Exile, you should definitely use Odealo and buy your poe currency https://odealo.com/games/path-of-exile/currency this is valid and trusted link
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