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  1. Crafting Weapon Weapons are very easy to craft. First you need a lvl 78+ warlord axe. https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Expedition/2m4g3QeHk Then you use corroded fossils on it until you hit #% increased Physical Damage over Time and #% increased Damage with Bleeding, Attacks have #% chance to cause Bleeding Its very easy to hit, about 1 in 7 fossils. Then you will need an open suffix to craft # increased Damage over time with the crafting bench. Final product will look something like this: This is a 10-20c craft for a 50c+ weapon. I'm not sure how valuable attack speed is on the weapon for sst. maybe someone can tell? I guess its not bad if you also hit attack speed. Shield For shields you need at least a lvl 86+ base. Colossal Tower shield, because it has the highest base armour. https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Expedition/bGlKzRiL Doesn't need to be influenced. But with Shaper influence you can hit % life recovery on block which is VERY valueable, but also very expensive. On the shield we use perfect fossils until we hit 30 quality. Then dread essences until you hit double T1 (or at least T1+T2) #% increased armour and # to armour. This is not a cheap craft and costs 100c+ fast. Final product will look something like this: Shield trade trick An easy method to get a cheap shield is to search for 2300+ armour shields that don't have quality on them yet. And only 2 suffixes. https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Expedition/JLKLPwrsl Buy a shield like this and craft +# to Dexterity, +#% to Quality on it. This way you get a 2500 armour shield for a low invest. If you want to make it even better you can craft even more quality on it with a hilock safehouse craft.
  2. jotd

    Future mechanics?

    as far as im aware no new features are being developed. just the current version being kept alive.
  3. jotd


    Try default profile and set chaos recipe mode (the dropdown) to disabled
  4. Little Update - Added Shield Charge as "combat use" so he refreshes fortify during longer fights. - Added minimum range for Shield Charge as movement skill. Not sure if the minimum range does anything if you set it up as movement skill. - I've been made aware that Immortal Call and Molten Shell are both Guard skills and can't be used on the same Cast when Damage taken setup. So I removed IC and added Ancestral Protector on rares only. - Added Vaal Molten Shell as "use on rares" New POB: https://pastebin.com/pLRcH7AQ New Skills.ini attached skills.ini
  5. jotd

    doesn't detect sacred grove

    sacred grove detection is not a feature of the bot. or is it?
  6. Decided to make a short guide on how to set up a sst character. Gladiator makes this build very tanky, so perfect for a bot as we can't dodge any spells or abilities. For now I am able to breeze through T10 maps without dying. When I get some more levels and more gear it should be possible to clear T16, but with occasional deaths. POB: This is the POB I am using: https://pastebin.com/6syYMdE8 Tree: Screenshot of the Tree: https://imgur.com/tYyugvQ EB Configs: Attached you will find the skills.ini and the flasks.ini. Put them in your \Configuration\default\ folder. Ingame Skills: Ingame Skillsetup: https://imgur.com/VcsFaCs Items: For Items the important stats are: Health, Resists, Chaosresist, Bleeding Damage, Damage over Time Enduring Cry: For now I have not found a good way for the bot to use enduring cry. But EC is very strong. That's why for now, I opted to use EC through the AHK Script POE Wingman. POE Wingman is setup just with Utility triggers and uses EC when the health falls below 60% Shield Charge is a bit clunky for now. Sometimes he charges against walls or when navigating to the bottom left he charges in place. Still trying to optimize this with minimum distance and advanced setup. Will update this thread if I am able to improve the configuration. Showcase of a T10 Map clear. Sorry for the bad quality, recorded through teamviewer: flasks.ini skills.ini
  7. jotd

    Still live?

    Thats because there was an poe update and the bot is not updated to the new version yet
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