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  1. Maybe I am not doing something right, but it seems like every spell that is not an attack or an aura simply just doesn't work. Buffs, warcries, vaal spells. None of them. I've tried many things. Having it recast completely breaks the bot, where it stands in one place recasting the spell over and over without clearing the map. I've tried setting the spell to cast only in the presence of a certain tier of enemy, still doesn't work. I've even tried to override the flask to try and cast the spell in its place when it hits 95% ES or mana but also nothing. The most it did was repeatedly take screenshots for some reason. It's irritating that I cannot get this bot to work with what is probably 30-40% of the spells in POE. If anybody has any idea why, please let me know.
  2. poeplayer1992

    Good build + EB setting?

    I have not come across a thread that has a comprehensive guide on how to build a character which aligns well with the bot mechanics. There's many guides on how to set the bot up, but I don't see any on how to actually run the bot efficiently. Someone said Frostblades is a good skill to use, and it is so I've been using that primarily, but I would like to know what is the optimal build and set up. If you have a good build and make decent currency, let us know. What is your POB and botting strategy. All rares or just chaos rares? skip bosses or clear bosses? Stuff like that. Would really be interested in this because there is a lack of knowledge an info on the topic.
  3. poeplayer1992

    How long do you guys run your bot?

    How long do you guys run the bot without getting detected? I've been going for 8-9 hours.
  4. poeplayer1992

    How do you guys make money?

    So far my most lucrative source of income is selling rares for orbs of alteration, but that is quite slow. Around 50 chaos every 8 hours. I see people saying they make more than double that in 8. What do you guys do to make money?
  5. i have all these bugs too the aura one now as well. i cant make any auras work
  6. have you found a fix for 4 and 5?
  7. poeplayer1992

    Bot Teleports Way too Early to Sell Goods

    The bot will pick up one or two items, and then immediately teleport back and sell them. Is there a way to set it so that the bot waits until it's inventory is full to teleport back and sell items? As it is now this is quite tedious and losing a lot of time.
  8. poeplayer1992

    Bot Doesn't Leave hideout

    maybe, not sure. where is progression mode enabled and disabled i havent seen it.
  9. poeplayer1992

    Bot Doesn't Leave hideout

    The bot will teleport and go to my hideout but then he doesn't use the waypoint to go back in the map. This makes the entire bot unusable. It worked fine up until act 5 and now its broke.
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