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  1. poeplayer1992

    Warcry/buffs break the bot. Any fix?

    I have two war cries. When I enable "Always cast buff" the bot does refcast the buff but it stops doing everything else. It won't move, kill or loot anything. It will just sit at the entrance of the map and recast the buff indefinitely.
  2. i have all these bugs too the aura one now as well. i cant make any auras work
  3. have you found a fix for 4 and 5?
  4. poeplayer1992

    Bot Teleports Way too Early to Sell Goods

    The bot will pick up one or two items, and then immediately teleport back and sell them. Is there a way to set it so that the bot waits until it's inventory is full to teleport back and sell items? As it is now this is quite tedious and losing a lot of time.
  5. poeplayer1992

    Bot Doesn't Leave hideout

    maybe, not sure. where is progression mode enabled and disabled i havent seen it.
  6. poeplayer1992

    Bot Doesn't Leave hideout

    The bot will teleport and go to my hideout but then he doesn't use the waypoint to go back in the map. This makes the entire bot unusable. It worked fine up until act 5 and now its broke.
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